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Moodys Anecdotes And Illustrations by Dwight L. Moody

|We Will Never Surrender.|

There's a story told in history in the ninth century, I believe, of a young man that came up with a little handful of men to attack a king who had a great army of three thousand men. The young man had only five hundred, and the king sent a messenger to the young man, saying that he need not fear to surrender, for he would treat him mercifully. The young man called up one of his soldiers and said: |Take this dagger and drive it to your heart;| and the soldier took the dagger and drove it to his heart. And calling up another, he said to him, |Leap into yonder chasm,| and the man leaped into the chasm. The young man then said to the messenger, |Go back and tell your King I have got five hundred men like these. We will die, but we will never surrender. And tell your King another thing; that I will have him chained with my dog inside of half an hour.| And when the King heard that he did not dare to meet them, and his army fled before them like chaff before the wind, and within twenty-four hours he had that King chained with his dog. That is the kind of zeal we want. |We will die, but we will never surrender.| We will work until Jesus comes, and then we will rise with Him.

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