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The Otterbein Hymnal by Edmund S. Lorenz

539 Webb. 7s & 6s. D.

The Crystal Fountain. (1193)

From brightest crystal fountain
That flows in beauty free,
By shady hill and mountain
Fill high the cup for me!
Sing of the sparkling waters,
Sing of the cooling spring --
Let freedom's sons and daughters
Their joyous tribute bring.

2 From many a happy dwelling,
Late misery's dark abode,
The joyous peal is swelling --
The hymn of praise to God,
Glad songs are now ascending
From many a thankful heart,
Hope, Joy, and Peace are blending,
And each their aid impart.

3 We'll join the tuneful chorus
And raise our song on high!
The cheering view before us
Delights the raptured eye;
The glorious cause is gaining
New strength from day to day,
The drunkard host is waning
Before cold water's sway.

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