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The Otterbein Hymnal by Edmund S. Lorenz

537 Let Us Arise. P.M.

Moral Reforms.

Do you slumber in your tent, Christian soldier,
While the foe is spreading woe thro' the land?
Do you note his rising pow'r,
Growing bolder ev'ry hour?
Will he not our land devour while you stand?

Cho. -- Let us arise, all unite!
Let us arise in our might!
Let us arise! speak for God and the right.
Tho' our numbers may be few,
God will lead us grandly thro'
And our arms with strength endue by his might.

2 Can you sleep while homes are rent, Christian soldier? Are not heavens turned to hells by his pow'r?
Mark you not the mother's sigh?
Hear you not the children's cry?
See you not their loved ones die ev'ry hour?

3 Can you linger in your tent, Christian soldier?
Satan's smiling o'er your idle delay.
Thousands perish while you wait,
While you counsel and debate;
Heed you not their awful fate as they stray?

4 Let us rise in holy wrath, Christian soldiers,
Crush the evil 'neath the heel of our might!
Counting cost, no longer wait;
Forward, manhood of the state!
For in God your strength is great for the right.

E.S. Lorenz.

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