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The Otterbein Hymnal by Edmund S. Lorenz

504 As Fade the Stars. P.M.

The Life of the Departed.

As fade the stars at morn away,
Their glory gone in perfect day,
So pass away the friends we love,
Their presence lost in worlds above,
While we o'er their slumbers are weeping.

2 As sink the stars when night is o'er,
To rise upon some other shore,
So sink our precious ones from sight,
In other skies to walk in light,
While we sorrow's vigils are keeping.

3 No more in east, or in the west,
Fade they from sight, or sink to rest;
Fixed firm in that celestial air,
They radiant shine eternal there;
Our hearts up to meet them fond leaping.

J.E. Rankin, D.D.

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