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The Otterbein Hymnal by Edmund S. Lorenz

213 Just As Thou Art. L.M.

Just As Thou Art. (428)

Just as thou art -- without one trace
Of love, or joy, or inward grace, --
Or meekness for the heav'nly place, --
Oh, guilty sinner! come, -- now come.

2 Thy sins I bore on Calvary's tree;
The stripes, thy due, were laid on me,
That peace and pardon might be free; --
Oh, wretched sinner! come, -- now come.

3 Burdened with guilt, would'st thou be blessed?
Trust not the world; it gives no rest;
I bring relief to hearts oppressed; --
Oh, weary sinner! come, -- now come.

4 Come, hither bring thy boding fears,
Thy aching heart, thy bursting tears;
'Tis mercy's voice salutes thine ears; --
Oh, trembling sinner! come, -- now come.

5 |The Spirit and the Bride say, Come!|
Rejoicing saints re-echo, |Come!|
Who faints, who thirsts, who will, may come;
Thy Savior bids thee come, -- now come.

Russell S. Cook, 1850, a.

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