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The Otterbein Hymnal by Edmund S. Lorenz

125 The Cross. C.M. The Precious Love.

The Precious Love. (530)

The cross, the cross, the blood-stained cross!
The hallowed cross I see;
Reminding me of precious blood
That once was shed for me.

Cho. -- Oh, the blood, the precious blood,
That Jesus shed for me;
Upon the cross, in crimson flood,
Just now by faith I see.

2 The cross, the cross, that heavy cross,
My Savior bore for me;
It bowed him to the earth with grief
On sad Mount Calvary

3 The wounds, the wounds, those painful wounds;
Oh, they were made for me!
His hands and feet, his holy head,
All pierced and torn I see.

4 The death, the death, the awful death!
That Jesus died for me;
I heard his groans, his prayer, |Forgive,|
His bleeding side I see.

5 The love, the love, the matchless love,
That bled upon the tree!
It melts my heart, it wins my love,
It brings me, Lord, to thee.

J.H. Stockton.

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