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Baltimore Catechism No 4 by Thomas L. Kinkead


The Lord's Prayer

1. Who made the Lord's Prayer?
2. Why do we say |our| and not |my| Father?
3. Why do we call God |Father|?
4. What person of the Blessed Trinity is meant by |Father| in the Lord's Prayer?
5. Was God called |Father| before the time of Our Lord? Why? 6. Why do we say |Who art in Heaven,| if God is everywhere? 7. What does |hallowed| mean?
8. What do we ask for by |Thy kingdom come|?
9. What does |Thy kingdom| mean here?
10. Who do God's will in Heaven?
11. What do we ask for by |our daily bread|?
12. Why do we say |daily|?
13. What do |trespasses| mean?
14. What do we mean by |as we forgive those who trespass against us|? 15. What example did Our Lord give?
16. What is temptation?
17. Does God tempt us to sin?
18. Is it a sin to be tempted?
19. Are there any tempters besides the devil?
20. Should we seek temptation?
21. What does |Amen| mean?
22. What does |Christian| mean?
23. What makes us Christian?
24. What does |doctrine| mean?

The Angelical Salutation

25. How many parts in the Hail Mary?
26. What part did the Angel Gabriel make?
27. When did he make it?
28. How did Mary know what the angel's words meant? 29. What part of the Hail Mary did St. Elizabeth make? 30. Who was St. Elizabeth's son?
31. Why is Mary called |blessed amongst women|?
32. What part of the Hail Mary did the Church make? 33. What does |hail| mean?
34. Why do we say |full of grace|?
35. Why is Mary called |holy|?
36. Why do we need Mary's prayer at the hour of death? 37. What is the Angelus?
38. What does |the Word| mean?
39. What does |made flesh| mean in the third part of the Angelus? 40. What is the Litany of the Blessed Virgin?
41. Are there other litanies besides the Litany of the Blessed Virgin?

The Apostles' Creed

42. What is a creed?
43. Who were the Apostles?
44. Were the Apostles bishops or priests?
45. How do you know?
46. Who were the disciples of Our Lord?
47. Why did the Apostles make the creed?
48. How many articles or parts in the Apostles' Creed? 49. What does |Creator| mean?
50. By what names is Our Lord called?
51. How many sons had God the Father?
52. Why do we say |died| instead of |was killed|?
53. Why do we say |He was buried|?
54. Is Limbo the same as Purgatory? Why?
55. Who were in Limbo at the time Our Lord was crucified? 56. Name some good men who lived before Christ.
57. Did Our Lord's body descend into Limbo?
58. Was Our Lord three full days in the holy sepulchre? 59. How can you prove they could not put Our Lord to death unless He permitted it?
60. Why do we say |right hand of God| when God has no hands? 61. What do you mean by |judge the living and the dead|? 62. Who are |the living|?
63. Who are |the dead| mentioned here?
64. What are ghosts?
65. Are there any?
66. What do you mean by the |Church Militant|?
67. Who are its members?
68. Who are the enemies of our salvation?
69. Why does the devil wish to keep us out of Heaven? 70. What do we mean when we say |the world| is one of our spiritual enemies?
71. Have all the saints their bodies in Heaven?
72. Who are in Heaven in their bodies at present?
73. What is meant by our |concupiscence|?
74. Which tempts us most to sin, our soul or our body? Why? 75. Why did God leave concupiscence in us?
76. What do we mean by |the Church Suffering|?
77. Who are its members?
78. Why are souls in Purgatory?
79. What do you mean by |the Church Triumphant|?
80. Who are its members?
81. Are there any saints in Heaven whose names we do not know? 82. Who are saints?
83. What is the difference between a saint and an angel? 84. Why does the Church canonize holy persons?
85. Does canonization make the person a saint?
86. How does the Church canonize a saint?
87. Explain the |communion of saints.|
88. What is the difference between beatification and canonization? 89. How is the resurrection of the body possible?
90. What is death?
91. What does |life everlasting| mean?
92. How many fathers had Our Lord? Who were they?
93. How many mothers had He?
94. Of what religion was Pontius Pilate?
95. Are all in Heaven saints?

The Confiteor and Acts

96. In how many ways can we sin?
97. What should we think of when we say the Confiteor? 98. What is the substance of the |act of faith|?
99. Why do we find different acts of faith?
100. What is the substance of the |act of hope|?
101. What is the substance of the |act of love|?
102. Do an |act of love| and an |act of charity| mean the same? 103. How do you show that they are the same?
104. What makes us help others?
105. How may we be charitable to our neighbor?
106. What is the substance of the |act of contrition|? 107. What does |grace| at meals mean?
108. Why should we say grace at meals?
109. Why should we be content with our food?
110. Is the Apostles' Creed an act of faith?
111. Did John the Baptist institute the Sacrament of Baptism? 112. In giving Baptism, can one pour the water and another say the words?


Lesson 1

113. What is a catechism?
114. What does our Catechism contain?
115. Why should we learn the Catechism?
116. What do we mean by the |end of man|?
117. For what end was man created?
118. In what respect are all men equal?
119. What is |woman|?
120. In the first question, what does |world| mean? 121. What is a creature?
122. Is every invisible thing a spirit?
123. Of what use is reason to us?
124. What makes man different from all other animals? 125. Have any brute animals reason?
126. How do you know brute animals have not reason? 127. Can we learn all truths by our reason alone?
128. What is revelation?
129. What is |free will| in man?
130. Have brute animals |free will|?
131. Why is it necessary for us to know God?
132. What does |worship| mean?
133. How do we know when we love God above all?
134. Does the Apostles' Creed contain all the truths we must believe? 135. Name some truths not mentioned in it.
136. Is a tree a creature?

Lesson 2

137. What is a spirit?
138. What does |infinite| mean?
139. Why does God watch over us?
140. Why is it necessary for God to watch over us?
141. Why must God be |just| as well as |merciful|?

Lesson 3

142. What does |supreme| mean?
143. When are two persons said to be equal?
144. From whom does authority come?
145. Is there any difference in the ages of God the Father and God the Son?
146. Do first, second, and third in the Blessed Trinity mean that one person was before the other?
147. Why must we believe mysteries?
148. Must we understand everything we believe?

Lesson 4

149. How may the things God created be classed?
150. Why did God create angels?
151. If angels have no bodies, how can they appear? 152. Are the angels all equal in dignity?
153. How many classes of angels are there?
154. What did the Archangel Michael do?
155. What did the Archangel Gabriel do?
156. Who gave the angels their names?
157. What are the duties of the angels?
158. What does our angel guardian do for us?
159. How do you know that the angels offer our prayers and good works to God?
160. Give a short history of Tobias.
161. What do we mean by |Jacob's ladder|?
162. Are there other guardian angels besides the guardian angels of persons?
163. Name some persons to whom angels appeared.
164. Were angels ever sent to punish men?
165. If God watches over us, why should angels guard us? 166. What was the devil's name before he was cast out of Heaven? 167. Why was he cast out?
168. Is the Blessed Virgin only a creature? Why?

Lesson 5

169. How did God create Eve?
170. What relation was Eve to Adam?
171. Were Adam and Eve created at the same time?
172. What was the |Garden of Paradise|?
173. How did Adam commit his first sin?
174. How was Eve tempted to disobey God?
175. In what way do we sometimes imitate Eve's conduct? 176. Why does the devil tempt us?
177. What were the effects of Adam's sin?
178. Why do we suffer for the sin of our first parents? 179. What did Adam lose by his sin?
180. What do you mean when you say Adam's will was weakened by sin? 181. Can we always overcome temptation if we wish?
182. Why was the Blessed Virgin preserved from Original Sin?

Lesson 6

183. How is sin divided?
184. In what ways can we commit actual sin?
185. What is a sin of omission? Give an example.
186. How is Heaven a reward?
187. How can we merit it?
188. Are all religions equally good? Why?
189. What do you mean by a person's |vocation|?
190. How are we to know our vocation?
191. How should parents act with regard to their children's vocation? 192. When is a soul said to be dead?
193. How can we judge whether a thing is sinful or not? 194. What is a material sin?
195. Why is it wrong to judge others guilty of sin? 196. Why does venial sin lessen the love of God in our hearts? 197. Why are pride, covetousness, etc., called |capital sins|? 198. What is meant by our |predominant| or |ruling| sin? 199. What is pride?
200. Why should we take care of our bodies?
201. What sins follow pride?
202. What is covetousness?
203. What sins follow covetousness?
204. What is lust?
205. What sins follow lust?
206. What is gluttony?
207. What kind of sin is drunkenness?
208. How can we commit gluttony by eating?
209. How can we commit gluttony by drinking?
210. What sins does the drunkard commit?
211. What three great sins should you always guard against? 212. Why are drunkenness, dishonesty, and impurity so dangerous? 213. What is envy?
214. How do we commit the sin of sloth?
215. How can we best destroy sin in our souls?
216. Should we cease striving to be good, if we seem to be making no improvement? Why?

Lesson 7

217. What does |incarnation| mean?
218. What does |redemption| mean?
219. Who are slaves?
220. How were we in slavery by the sin of Adam?
221. What price did Our Lord pay to redeem us?
222. Did Our Lord leave us any means of being redeemed more than once? 223. What does |abandon| mean?
224. Has Heaven really gates?
225. What are the |gates of Heaven|?
226. Is Our Lord now in Heaven as God or as man?
227. Who was Our Lord's foster-father?
228. What is a foster-father?
229. How many years from the time Adam sinned till the Redeemer came? 230. Why did God allow so long a time to pass before redeeming us? 231. What was the Deluge?
232. When and why did God send it?
233. Who were saved from the Deluge? How?
234. What animals did Noe have in the Ark?
235. What were the |clean animals|? Name some.
236. Why did he have more |clean| than |unclean| animals? 237. How long did Noe spend in making the Ark?
238. How old was Adam when he died?
239. Who was the oldest man?
240. What was his age?
241. How did the Deluge come upon the earth?
242. How long did the Ark float upon the waters?
243. How did Noe learn that the waters were going down? 244. What was the condition of men before the coming of Our Lord? 245. When and to whom did God promise the Redeemer? 246. What did the prophets foretell about Christ?
247. Why was the Redeemer not welcomed by all when He came? 248. What day of the year is Annunciation Day?
249. How could the good people of the Old Law be saved by the merits of Christ, when Christ was not yet born?
250. In what kind of a stable was Our Lord born?
251. Why did the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph go to Bethlehem before the birth of Our Lord?
252. Who were the Magi?
253. What brought them to Bethlehem?
254. Why did King Herod wish to find the Infant Jesus? 255. On what feast do we commemorate the adoration of the Magi? 256. At what time of the year is the Epiphany?
257. What is the feast of |Holy Innocents|?
258. When does it come?
259. Give a short history of Our Lord's life.
260. What do we mean by His |hidden life|?
261. What do we mean by His |public life|?
262. How old was Our Lord when He began His public life? 263. What do we know of Our Lord's hidden life?
264. Why did He lead a hidden life for so many years? 265. Does |mankind| mean men or women?
266. Had Our Lord any brothers or sisters?
267. What did the Angel Gabriel say at the Annunciation?

Lesson 8

268. What do you mean by Our Lord's |Passion|?
269. When did it begin and when did it end?
270. Give an account of Our Lord's Passion.
271. Where was Gethsemani or the Garden of Olives?
272. Who went into it with Our Lord?
273. What did Our Lord do in this garden?
274. What else happened there?
275. What caused Our Lord's sufferings in the garden? 276. Why could Christ's body suffer greater pain than ours? 277. What do we mean by the |agony in the garden|?
278. Who betrayed Our Lord?
279. How did the Jews act unjustly in the trial of Our Lord? 280. What was the |scourging at the pillar|?
281. What was the |crowning with thorns|?
282. What happened at the death of Our Lord?
283. Where was Calvary?
284. Why were no criminals put to death in Jerusalem? 285. How was the temple of Jerusalem divided?
286. What was the |Holy of Holies|?
287. What was the |Ark of the Covenant,| and what did it contain? 288. Of what were the ark and its contents figures? 289. What was the veil of the temple?
290. Why was this veil rent asunder at the death of Our Lord? 291. What does Calvary mean?
292. Why was Our Lord crucified between thieves?
293. Why do we call one of these the |penitent thief|? 294. Why did Christ suffer more than was necessary? 295. What is a sepulchre?
296. How was Our Lord buried?
297. What did the Jews count the beginning and the end of their day? 298. Was the Jewish religion ever the true religion? 299. What is a miracle?
300. What does a miracle prove?
301. What miracles did Our Lord perform?
302. What was His greatest?
303. What are the qualities of a glorified body?
304. Show that Our Lord's body had all these qualities.305. What was the |Transfiguration of Our Lord|? Describe it.306. Who were present at it?
307. What happened on the way to Emmaus?
308. What benefit is derived from Thomas the Apostle doubting the resurrection of Our Lord?
309. Will all who rise on the last day have glorified bodies? 310. What does the |stigmata of Our Lord| mean?
311. Did anyone ever have it?
312. Was Our Lord visible to everyone during the forty days after His resurrection?
313. About how many times and to whom did He appear during the forty days?
314. Describe Our Lord's Ascension.
315. Did Christ always live at Bethlehem?

Lesson 9

316. Did the Holy Ghost ever appear?
317. When and under what forms?
318. What does Whitsunday mean?
319. What does Pentecost mean?
320. What effect did the coming of the Holy Ghost have upon the Apostles?
321. How many temples had the Jews?
322. What was a |synagogue|?
323. What was done in the synagogues?
324. How did the synagogues differ from the temple? 325. What did the feast of the Pasch or Passover commemorate? 326. Give a short history of Moses.
327. How did the Israelites come to be in Egypt?
328. Give an account of their sufferings in Egypt.
329. How were they delivered or liberated?
330. Give a short account of Joseph and his family.331. Why did Joseph's brothers wish to put him to death? 332. What did they do to hide their crime?
333. What did the King of Egypt dream?
334. What did his dream mean?
335. What do we learn from the life of Joseph in Egypt? 336. How was Moses saved on the bank of the Nile?
337. What was the |burning bush| that Moses saw?
338. Why did God command Moses to remove his shoes before coming to the |burning bush|?
339. Who went with Moses to deliver the Israelites? 340. What signs did God give to Moses to show King Pharao? 341. What did the king's magicians do?
342. What were |the ten plagues of Egypt|?
343. Describe each plague.
344. Why did God send them?
345. What was the |Paschal Lamb|?
346. Of what was it a figure?
347. What happened to the Israelites and Egyptians at the Red Sea? 348. How long were the Israelites in the desert?
349. What was the |manna|?
350. Why were the Israelites so long in the desert? 351. What do you mean by the |gift of tongues|?
352. Why did God perform more miracles in the first ages of the Church than now?
353. How and where was St. Peter put to death?
354. How did the other Apostles die?
355. St. Paul?
356. What did the Apostles prove by suffering death for their faith?

Lesson 10

357. What do we mean by an effect?
358. What does |supernatural| mean?
359. What is merit?
360. What is a virtue?
361. What is a vice?
362. Does habit excuse us for the sins committed through it? 363. When will habit excuse us for the sin?
364. Why do we believe revealed truths?
365. Who is our neighbor?
366. What example did Our Lord give to explain this? 367. How do we love our neighbor as ourselves?
368. Why should we love our neighbor?
369. Can we merit the grace of perseverance?

Lesson 11

370. When did men begin to speak different languages? 371. Who were the prophets?
372. Give a short history of religion before the time of Christ.373. What are the chief works of the Church?
374. Why are our churches holy?
375. What are the catacombs, and why were they made? 376. What are altar stones?
377. Why are relics placed in them?
378. How many general persecutions of the Church were there? 379. Tell what you know of these persecutions.
380. What lessons do we learn from the sufferings of the early Christians?
381. Who are |lawful pastors|?
382. Could anyone be Pope without being Bishop of Rome? 383. What does |vicar| mean?
384. Why are Catholics called Roman?
385. How could a Protestant be saved?

Lesson 12

386. What is an attribute?
387. What is authority?
388. Why is it sinful to resist lawful authority?
389. What does |cathedra| mean?
390. Why is the bishop's church called cathedral?
391. How do we know when the Pope speaks |ex cathedra|? 392. What is required that the Pope may so speak?
393. Is the Pope infallible in everything he says?
394. What do you mean by |faith and morals|?
395. How many Popes from St. Peter to Pius XI?
396. Why should we have the greatest respect for the opinions of the Holy Father on any subject?
397. Why must the Pope sometimes speak on political matters? 398. Can the Pope commit sin?
399. What do we mean by the |temporal power| of the Pope? 400. How did he acquire it, and how did he lose it? 401. Why has he need of it?
402. How is the |temporal power| useful to the Church? 403. What is |Peter's pence|?
404. Does the Church change its doctrines?
405. How can you show that the Church is one in government and doctrine? 406. What is the hierarchy of the Church?
407. Could a person be a Catholic and not believe all the Church teaches?
408. Why are Protestants so called?
409. Why does the Church use Latin as its language? 410. Why does the Church define some truths?
411. Does the Church by defining truths make new doctrines? 412. Give a short history of Luther.
413. Why was he cut off from the true Church?
414. Why did many follow him?
415. How did the first Protestants act towards the Church? 416. What foolish excuses do some give for not becoming Catholics? 417. Why must the true Church be visible?
418. Who are heathens?
419. Who were the |publicans| mentioned by Our Lord?

Lesson 13

420. What three things are necessary to make a Sacrament? 421. What is the outward sign in Baptism?
422. Why is water used in Baptism?
423. What is the outward sign in Confirmation?
424. Why is oil used in Confirmation?
425. What is the use of the outward sign in the Sacraments? 426. In what ways does the life of the soul resemble the life of the body?
427. What does a |Sacrament of the dead| mean?
428. In what ways can we commit sacrilege?
429. What is the sacramental grace given in Penance? 430. What are the |right dispositions| for Penance, for Holy Eucharist? 431. What is conditional Baptism, and when is it given? 432. Can all the Sacraments be given conditionally? 433. What is the outward sign in Matrimony?
434. Can a bishop give all the Sacraments?
435. Can a priest?
436. Can a person receive all the Sacraments?
437. Can any of the Sacraments be given to the dead?

Lesson 14

438. What is an heir?
439. Why is the Bible called the Old and New Testament? 440. What does the Old Testament contain?
441. What does the New Testament show?
442. What is the difference between Baptism and Penance in the remission of the guilt and punishment?
443. Could a person gain an indulgence immediately after Baptism? Why? 444. What does the |temporal punishment| for sin mean? 445. Where will persons go who have never sinned and who die without Baptism?
446. What do we mean by |the ordinary minister| of a Sacrament? 447. Can you baptize an infant when its parents are unwilling? 448. What is private Baptism?
449. How is it given?
450. What ceremonies are used in solemn Baptism?
451. What do they signify?
452. What is the baptistery?
453. What do we mean by the |pomps| of the devil?
454. What is martyrdom?
455. Who are catechumens?
456. What is necessary that persons may be really martyrs? 457. What is meant by |patron saint|?
458. On what day is a saint's feast kept by the Church? 459. What does |sponsors| mean? Who are sponsors by proxy? 460. With whom do godparents contract relationship? 461. What names should be given in Baptism?

Lesson 15

462. What does balm in the chrism signify?
463. Why should we be proud of the Catholic religion? 464. When are we required to profess our religion?

Lesson 16

465. Why is the devil wiser than we are?
466. Who made the Beatitudes?
467. Where did Our Lord generally preach?
468. What do the Beatitudes teach?
469. How is a person |poor in spirit|?
470. How can the rich be |poor in spirit|?
471. Explain the other Beatitudes.

Lesson 17

472. How does the institution of Penance show the goodness of Our Lord? 473. What is absolution?
474. How do you know Our Lord could forgive sins?
475. How does the power to forgive sins imply the obligation of going to confession?
476. How do we prepare for confession?
477. What is the best method of examining our conscience? 478. What is the most important part of the Sacrament of Penance? 479. What kind of sorrow should we have for our sins? 480. When should you say the penance given in confession?

Lesson 18

481. When is our contrition perfect?
482. What is attrition?
483. How many kinds of occasions of sin are there?
484. Why must we avoid occasions of sin?

Lesson 19

485. Who is a |duly authorized| priest?
486. How can a dumb man make his confession?
487. What can one do who cannot remember his sins in confession? 488. How can persons whose language the priest cannot understand confess if they are in danger of death?
489. Is it wrong to accuse ourselves of sins we have not committed? 490. Why is it foolish to conceal sins in confession? 491. How were the ancient Christian churches divided? 492. How did the early Christians do penance?
493. Explain the temporal and eternal punishment for sin.494. Is your confession worthless if you forget to say your penance? 495. What is Lent?
496. What is almsgiving?
497. How can we distinguish between spiritual and corporal works of mercy?
498. When are we obliged to admonish the sinner?
499. What were the Crusades?
500. Why were they commenced?
501. How many Crusades were there?
502. How long did they last?
503. Why were those who took part in these expeditions called Crusaders? 504. What is a pilgrim?
505. How have we been relieved from doing many of the works of mercy ourselves?
506. Who are religious?
507. What is a hermit?
508. What is a general confession?
509. When and why should we make it?
510. Who are scrupulous persons?

Lesson 20

511. When is it well to add to our confession a sin of our past life? 512. What duties does the priest perform in the confessional? 513. Show how he is judge, father, teacher, and physician.514. Why is it well to confess always to the same priest? 515. Can you have half your sins forgiven?
516. When will perfect contrition blot out mortal sin?

Lesson 21

517. How does God reward us for good works done in a state of mortal sin?
518. Is it easy to gain a plenary indulgence? Why?
519. What works are generally enjoined for indulgences? 520. What does praying for a |person's intention| mean? 521. How can we have the intention of gaining an indulgence? 522. What does |an indulgence of 40 days,| etc., mean? 523. Why did the early Christians do more severe penance than we do? 524. Are indulgences attached to anything but prayers?

Lesson 22

525. What does |Eucharist| mean?
526. What is the difference between Holy Eucharist and Holy Communion? 527. What did Our Lord do at the marriage in Cana?
528. Is Our Lord's body in the Holy Eucharist living or dead? 529. How do you know you receive both the body and the blood of Our Lord under the appearance of bread alone?
530. Why does the Church not give the Holy Eucharist to the people under the appearance of wine also?
531. Could it do so? Did it ever do it?
532. How long does Our Lord remain in the Holy Communion? 533. What is the ciborium?
534. At what part of the Mass are the words of consecration said? 535. What are the parts of the Mass?
536. What is the sacristy?
537. What does the priest prepare for Mass?
538. What is the chalice?
539. What is the paten?
540. What is the purificator?
541. What is the pall?
542. What is the host?
543. Where does the priest get the host?
544. What are the different vestments used at Mass called? 545. What do they signify?
546. What is the |Offertory| in the Mass?
547. When does the |Canon| of the Mass begin?
548. What is the |Elevation| in the Mass?
549. Where does the priest get the Blessed Sacrament he gives to the people?
550. What is the tabernacle?
551. What is Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament?
552. What is the monstrance used at Benediction?
553. Why should we be anxious to attend Benediction? 554. What is the cope?
555. What is the humeral, or Benediction veil?
556. Why does the priest wear vestments?
557. What do their colors signify?
558. Can Holy Communion be given in the afternoon?
559. What is the Holy Eucharist called when received by a person who is not fasting?
560. Can the priest say Mass in the evening? Why?
561. Why does the priest genuflect, etc., during Mass?

Lesson 23

562. What should we do if we break our fast before Holy Communion? 563. When is Holy Communion called the |Viaticum|?
564. Who offered the first Sacrifice of the Holy Mass?

Lesson 24

565. When is the Holy Eucharist a sacrifice?
566. When a Sacrament?
567. What was the temple of the Pantheon in Rome?
568. Who are pagans, idolaters, heathens?
569. How many kinds of sacrifice had the Israelites? 570. How is the Mass a sacrifice?
571. What is the league of the Sacred Heart?
572. Why was it established?
573. What was the origin of offering the priest money for celebrating Mass for your intention?
574. What is the sin of simony?
575. Why is it so called?
576. How are the fruits of the Mass divided?
577. What is a spiritual Communion?
578. How is it made?

Lesson 25

579. What does |unction| mean?
580. How often in their lives are Catholics anointed? 581. Is it called Extreme Unction even when the person recovers after receiving it?
582. What parts of the body are anointed in Extreme Unction? 583. When should the priest be sent for in cases of sickness? 584. What should you do if the sick Catholic does not wish or refuses to see the priest?
585. How is sickness a benefit to some?
586. What Sacraments are never given in the Church? 587. What things should you prepare when the priest is coming to give the Viaticum or Extreme Unction in your house?
588. How is the Blessed Sacrament carried to the sick in Catholic countries?
589. Who are the |other ministers of the Church,| besides bishops and priests?
590. What is the tonsure?
591. Of what does the tonsure remind the priest?
592. What are the duties and privileges of these other ministers of the Church?
593. How many kinds of Masses are there?
594. Do they differ in value, one being better than another? 595. Who is meant by the |celebrant| of the Mass?
596. What does the |master of ceremonies| do?
597. What is a Requiem Mass?
598. Why is it so called?
599. What is Vespers?
600. Is it a mortal sin to be willingly absent from Vespers? 601. Will Vespers take the place of Mass on Sundays for those who do not attend Mass?
602. Who are cardinals?
603. What are their duties?
604. Who is a monsignor?
605. Who is a vicar general?
606. What is a diocese?
607. What is a parish?
608. Does |rector| and |pastor| mean the same?
609. What do we mean by |Suffragan Bishops|?
610. What is the pallium?
611. Who can wear it?

Lesson 26

612. When are persons lawfully married?
613. When was marriage first instituted?
614. What sin is it to marry unlawfully?
615. What are |impediments to marriage|?
616. What things should persons tell the priest when they are making arrangements for marriage?
617. Can persons marry invalidly without knowing it? 618. What evils follow divorce?
619. Why should children study?
620. What is meant by the |civil effects of marriage|? 621. What are the chief evils of |mixed marriage|?
622. What is a |mixed marriage|?
623. When are motives for marriage |worthy|?
624. How should persons make a choice for marriage? 625. How are parents sometimes guilty of injustice to their children in case of marriage?
626. What is holy oil?
627. When is it blessed?
628. Can a priest bless it in case of necessity?
629. How many kinds of holy oil are there?
630. For what are they used?
631. In the administration of what Sacraments is oil used? 632. Can persons receive the Sacrament of Matrimony more than once? 633. Where and at what time of the day should Catholics be married? 634. What is balm?
635. Was there any Sacrament of Matrimony before the time of Our Lord? 636. Were the people of the Old Law validly married? 637. How did their marriage differ from Christian marriage?

Lesson 27

638. Can the Church change the number of sacramentals? Why? 639. Why is it necessary to bless yourself properly? 640. When are candles blessed in the Church?
641. Of what do candles on the altar remind us?
642. When are ashes blessed in the Church?
643. Of what do they remind us?
644. Of what do the palms remind us?
645. What is the difference between a cross and a crucifix? 646. What is the Rosary?
647. How do we say the beads?
648. What is meant by |Mysteries of the Rosary|?
649. How many Mysteries of the Rosary are there?
650. How are they divided?
651. Name the different Mysteries of the Rosary.
652. What is the Magnificat?
653. Who baptized Our Lord?
654. Was the baptism of John the Baptist a Sacrament? Why? 655. To whom did Our Lord give an example by His hidden or private life? 656. What did the Church do for slaves?
657. What do the letters |I.N.R.I.| over the Cross mean? 658. Did Our Lord claim to be king of the Jews?
659. Why was Our Lord put to death?
660. With whom did the Blessed Virgin live after the death of Our Lord? 661. Who was St. John the Evangelist?
662. What is the Apocalypse?
663. About how long did the Blessed Virgin live on earth after the Ascension of Our Lord?
664. What is meant by the |Assumption| of the Blessed Virgin? 665. What proof have we of it?
666. On what days are the different Mysteries of the Rosary said? 667. What does |I.H.S.| with a cross over it mean?
668. What is the scapular, and why do we wear it?
669. What is the brown scapular called?
670. How many kinds of scapular are there?
671. What are the |seven dolors| of the Blessed Virgin? Name them.672. What are the seven dolor beads?
673. What are |religious orders|?
674. What vows do the members of religious orders take? 675. Why were religious orders founded?
676. Why are there different kinds of religious orders?

Lesson 28

677. How many kinds of prayer are there?
678. What is |meditation|?
679. What should we do before praying?
680. What do you know of St. Monica?
681. Of St. Augustine?
682. Why does God not always grant our prayers?
683. If prayer is necessary for salvation, how can infants be saved who die without having prayed?

Lesson 29

684. Were people obliged to keep the Commandments before the time of Moses?
685. How many kinds of laws had the Israelites?
686. When were these laws abolished?
687. How were the Commandments given to Moses?
688. What was manna?
689. What is the difference between the Commandments of God and the commandments of the Church?
690. What does |love thy neighbor as thyself| mean?

Lesson 30

691. How did the Israelites come to worship false gods? 692. How do we sometimes worship strange gods?
693. What are |fortune tellers|?
694. Why is going to fortune tellers a sin?
695. What are spells, charms?
696. Are medals, scapulars, etc., worn about us charms? 697. What are dreams?
698. Did God ever use them to make known His will?
699. Why does He not use them now?
700. What are mediums and spiritists?
701. How do bad Catholics do injury to the Church?
702. Why did the Christian religion spread so rapidly? 703. Who are atheists, deists, infidels, heretics, apostates, and schismatics?
704. Are all religions equally true?
705. Why is presumption a great sin?
706. How are we frequently presumptuous?
707. Are heretics Christians?

Lesson 31

708. What help does God give us to save our souls?
709. How do we honor God by praying to the saints?
710. What is a relic?
711. Have we any relics of Our Lord's body? Why?
712. Why does the Catholic religion suit all classes of persons? 713. Why are there so many kinds of Protestants?
714. Does the Bible contain all the truths of our religion? 715. How did God honor the relics of saints? Give an example.716. When did the Jewish religion cease to be the true religion?

Lesson 32

717. Is it a sin to use the words of Scripture in a bad sense? 718. What is a perjurer?
719. Why was John the Baptist put to death?
720. Why is it sinful to be a member of a secret society? 721. When is an oath rash?
722. What is the difference between blasphemy and cursing? 723. Can we blaspheme by action?
724. Tell what happened to Julian the Apostate.
725. Are there any holy days not of obligation?
726. How is the Sunday well kept?
727. What is a real Catholic newspaper?
728. What books should be found in every Catholic family? 729. What is meant by the Old Law?
730. What by the New?
731. Are we bound to keep an unlawful oath?

Lesson 33

732. What do we mean by |magistrates|?
733. What should we remember when we are unjustly punished? 734. How does suffering make us more like to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother?
735. Why did the Blessed Virgin suffer so many trials upon earth? 736. What is contempt?
737. What is stubbornness?
738. Why is suicide a mortal sin?
739. What is revenge?
740. Why should we be most careful about the Sixth Commandment? 741. Why should we guard against bad reading?
742. Why should we seek advice?

Lesson 34

743. In how many ways may we violate the Seventh Commandment? 744. Why is it unkind and ungrateful not to pay our debts? 745. Is the receiver of stolen goods as bad as the thief? 746. In how many ways may we share in the sin of another? 747. If you bought an article not knowing that it was stolen, would you be obliged to give it up to its owner?
748. What must you do with anything you find?
749. What must you do if you have lost or destroyed the article you stole?
750. Can we always make restitution by giving to the poor? 751. Is it a sin to delay making restitution?
752. What must a person do who cannot restore?
753. What will excuse us for telling another's faults? 754. How can you know when you have injured the character of another? 755. What is detraction?
756. What is calumny?
757. What is slander?
758. How can you make reparation for injuring another's character? 759. Are you bound to do so?
760. What is |rash judgment|?
761. What is backbiting?
762. Is it sinful to listen to backbiting, slander, etc? 763. Why is it wrong to tell another's secrets or read another's letters?
764. What does |covet| mean?

Lesson 35

765. What is meant by a |serious reason| for missing Mass? 766. What excuse do some give for not hearing Mass? 767. Why is it wrong to come late for Mass?
768. On what day do we keep a saint's feast?
769. What is the |divine office|?
770. How is it divided?
771. Who are excused from fasting?
772. Who are obliged to abstain from flesh-meat on fast-days and days of abstinence?
773. Is every fast-day a day of abstinence?

Lesson 36

774. Why should we go to confession even when we have not committed sin since our last confession?
775. When is Trinity Sunday?
776. How was the Holy Land divided?
777. Who were the |Levites| in the Old Law?
778. What were |first fruits| and tithes in the Old Law? 779. Why was Cain's sacrifice displeasing to God?
780. What relations are within the third degree of kindred? 781. What is a |dispensation| granted by the Church? 782. What is meant by the |natural law|?
783. When can we obey the laws that the State makes with regard to marriage?
784. What is |excommunication|?
785. What effect has it?
786. Who are excluded from Christian burial?
787. How does the Church show its displeasure when Catholics marry persons not Catholics?
788. How should persons prepare for marriage?
789. Are women ever allowed in the Church with their heads uncovered? 790. Can the priest say a |nuptial Mass| for a husband or wife after their death?

Lesson 37

791. Where will the particular judgment be held?
792. How will it take place?
793. Will the sentence given at the particular judgment be changed at the general judgment?
794. How can we daily prepare for judgment?
795. Who will be judged at the general judgment?
796. How will the general judgment take place?
797. What do we mean by the |pain of loss|?
798. What by the |pain of sense| that the damned suffer? 799. Why can we not imagine the sufferings of Hell? 800. How does the fire of Hell differ from our fire? 801. Will there be a Purgatory after the general judgment? 802. Why must there be a Purgatory now?
803. If God loves those in Purgatory, why does He punish them? 804. Why do we show respect to the bodies of the dead? 805. What does |faithful departed| mean?
806. What does |rest in peace| mean?
807. What does |seeing God face to face| mean, if God has no face? 808. What is the beatific vision?
809. Of what does our happiness in Heaven consist?
810. How long will Purgatory last?

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