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Beautiful Thoughts by Henry Drummond

December 27:

December 27th. The gradualness of growth is a characteristic which strikes the simplest observer. Long before the word Evolution was coined Christ applied it in this very connection -- |First the blade, then the ear, then the full corn in the ear.| It is well known also to those who study the parables of Nature that there is an ascending scale of slowness as we rise in the scale of Life. Growth is most gradual in the highest forms. Man attains his maturity after a score of years; the monad completes its humble cycle in a day. What wonder if development be tardy in the Creature of Eternity? A Christian's sun has sometimes set, and a critical world has seen as yet no corn in the ear. As yet? |As yet,| in this long Life, has not begun. Grant him the years proportionate to his place in the scale of Life. |The time of harvest is NOT YET.| Natural Law, p.92.

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