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Divine Songs For Children by Isaac Watts


1. A General Song of Praise to God.
2. Praise for Creation and Providence.
3. Praise to God for our Redemption.
4. Praise for mercies Spiritual and Temporal.
5. Praise for Birth and Education in a Christian Land.6. Praise for the Gospel.
7. The Excellency of the Bible.
8. Praise to God for learning to read.
9. The All-seeing God.
10. Solemn Thoughts of God and Death.
11. Heaven and Hell.
12. The Advantages of early Religion.
13. The Danger of Delays.
14. Examples of early Piety.
15. Against lying.
16. Against Quarrelling and Fighting.
17. Love between Brothers and Sisters.
18. Against scoffing and calling Names.
19. Against swearing and cursing, and taking God's Name in vain.20. Against Idleness and Mischief.
21. Against Evil Company.
22. Against Pride in Clothes.
23. Obedience to Parents.
24. The Child's Complaint.
25. A Morning Song.
26. An Evening Song.
27. An Hymn for the Lord's Day Morning.
28. An Hymn for the Lord's Day Evening.
The Ten Commandments.
The Sum of the Commandments.
Our Saviour's Golden Rule.
Duty to God and our Neighbour.
The Hosanna in Long Metre.
in Common Metre.
in Short Metre.
Glory to the Father in Long Metre.
in Common Metre.
in Short Metre.

A slight Specimen of Moral Songs, viz.
The Sluggard.
Innocent Play.

The End of the Table.

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