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Divine Songs For Children by Isaac Watts

The Hosanna; or Salvation ascribed to Christ.

Long Metre.

1 Hosanna to king David's Son,
Who reigns on a superior Throne;
We bless the Prince of Heav'nly Birth,
Who brings Salvation down to Earth.

2 Let every nation, every age,
In this delightful work engage;
Old Men and Babes in Sion sing
The growing glories of her King!

Common Metre.

1 Hosanna to the Prince of Grace;
Sion behold thy King;
Proclaim the Son of David's Race,
And teach the Babes to sing.

2 Hosanna to th' Eternal Word,
Who from the Father came;
Ascribe Salvation to the Lord,
With Blessings on his Name!

Short Metre.

1 Hosanna to the Son
Of David and of God,
Who brought the News of Pardon down,
And bought it with his Blood.

2 To Christ, th' anointed King,
Be endless blessings giv'n,
Let the whole Earth his Glory sing
Who made our Peace with Heav'n.

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