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Divine Songs For Children by Isaac Watts

Song 21. Against evil Company.

1 Why should I join with those in play
In whom I've no delight;
Who curse and swear, but never play;
Who call ill names, and fight?

2 I hate to hear a wanton song:
Their words offend my ears:
I should not dare defile my tongue
With language such as theirs.

3 Away from fools I'll turn my eyes,
Nor with the scoffers go:
I would be walking with the wise,
That wiser I may grow.

4 From one rude boy, that's used to mock,
They learn the wicked jest:
One sickly sheep infects the flock,
And poisons all the rest.

5 My God, I hate to walk or dwell
With sinful children here:
Then let me not be sent to hell,
Where none but sinners are.

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