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Divine Songs For Children by Isaac Watts

Song 17. Love between Brothers and Sisters.

1 What ever brawls are in the street
There should be peace at home;
Where sisters dwell and brothers meet
Quarrels shou'd never come.

2 Birds in their little nests agree;
And `tis a shameful sight,
When children of one family
Fall out, and chide, and fight.

3 Hard names at first, and threatening words,
That are but noisy breath,
May grow to clubs and naked swords,
To murder and to death.

4 The devil tempts one mother's son
To rage against another:
So wicked Cain was hurried on,
Till he had kill'd his brother.

5 The wise will make their anger cool
At least before `tis night;
But in the bosom of a fool
It burns till morning light.

5 Pardon, O Lord, our childish rage;
Our little brawls remove;
That as we grow to riper age,
Our hearts may all be love.

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