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Divine Songs For Children by Isaac Watts

Song 3. Praise to God for our Redemption.

1 Blest be the wisdom and the power,
The justice and the grace,
That join'd in council to restore
And save our ruin'd race!

2 Our father eat forbidden fruit,
And from his glory fell;
And we, his children, thus were brought
To death, and near to hell.

3 Blest be the Lord, that sent his Son
To take our flesh and blood;
He for our lives gave up his own,
To make our peace with God.

4 He honour'd all his Father's laws,
Which we have disobey'd;
He bore our sins upon the cross,
And our full ransom paid.

5 Behold him rising from the grave;
Behold him rais'd on high:
He pleads his merits there to save
Transgressors doom'd to die.

6 There on a glorious throne, he reigns,
And by his power divine
Redeems us from the slavish chains
Of Satan, and of sin.

7 Thence shall the Lord to judgment come,
And, with a sovereign voice,
Shall call, and break up every tomb,
While waking saints rejoice.

8 O may I then with joy appear
Before the Judge's face,
And, with the blest assembly there,
Sing his redeeming grace!

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