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Hymns And Spiritual Songs by Isaac Watts

Hymn 1:42. Divine wrath and mercy, Nahum 1, 2 &c.

1 Adore and tremble, for our God
Is a consuming fire;*
His jealous eyes his wrath inflame,
And raise his vengeance higher.

2 Almighty vengeance how it burns!
How bright his fury glows!
Vast magazines of plagues and storms
Lie treasur'd for his foes.

3 Those heaps of wrath by slow degrees
Are forced into a flame,
But kindled, O how fierce they blaze!
And rend all nature's frame.

4 At his approach the mountains flee,
And seek a watery grave;
The frighted sea makes haste away,
And shrinks up every wave.

5 Thro' the wide air the weighty rocks
Are swift as hailstones hurl'd:
Who dares engage his fiery rage
That shakes the solid world?

6 Yet, mighty God, thy sovereign grace
Sits regent on the throne,
The refuge of thy chosen race
When wrath comes rushing down.

7 Thy hand shall on rebellious kings
A fiery tempest pour,
While we beneath thy sheltering wings
Thy just revenge adore.

*Hebrews 12:29.

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