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The Value Of A Praying Mother by Isabel C. Byrum


In a small house about two miles from Bessie's home lived a very old lady. She loved the Lord and enjoyed telling of his goodness and of his dealings with her. Bessie, who was now about sixteen years of age, enjoyed these talks very much.

One day while Bessie and her mother were visiting this aged saint, she brought forth a much-worn paper and handed it to Mrs. Worthington, saying, |My daughter sent me this paper. You may take it home, if you like,| she continued; |but I must ask you to return it, as my daughter wants it again.| As Mrs. Worthington took the paper, Bessie saw at the top of the page, in large letters, |The Gospel Trumpet.| After reading a few minutes Mrs. Worthington exclaimed: |This paper is certainly the work of a people who understand the plan of salvation. Things are fully explained here that have been plain to me for years -- things that I dared not mention publicly lest I be thought fanatical.|

On their return home Mrs. Worthington said: |It must have been in answer to prayer that Sister Moore let me see that paper. I have prayed for many years that God would help me to find a people who were not afraid to preach his whole Word. I believe we have found them. Who knows but this is God's way of starting a series of meetings here. Oh, the wonderful God we serve! I shall subscribe for the paper at once and also send my poem on sectism to see if they will publish it.| The subscription was sent, and the poem soon appeared in the paper.

Mrs. Worthington was truly thankful to find that God had others in the world who were willing to teach the whole Bible without construing any part to suit their own ideas.

It was not long until a testimony appeared from a minister living a few miles away; and, agreeably with Mrs. Worthington's request, a series of meetings was started in the neighborhood.

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