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The Works Of James Arminius Vol 2 by James Arminius


Adam was able to continue in goodness and to refrain from sinning, and this in reality and in reference to the issue, and not only by capability not to be brought into action on account of some preceding decree of God, or rather not possible to lead to an act by that preceding decree.2. Adam sinned freely and voluntarily, without any necessity, either internal or external.3. Adam did not fall through the decree of God, neither through being ordained to fall nor through desertion, but through the mere permission of God, which is placed in subordination to no predestination either to salvation or to death, but which belongs to providence so far as it is distinguished in opposition to predestination.4. Adam did not fall necessarily, either with respect to a decree, appointment, desertion, or permission, from which it is evident what kind of judgment ought to be formed concerning expressions of the following description: 5. |I confess, indeed, that by the will of God all the sons of Adam have fallen into this miserable condition in which they are bound and fastened.| (Calvin's Institute, lib.3, cap.23.) 6. |They deny, in express words, the existence of this fact - - that it was decreed by God that Adam should perish by his own defection.| 7. |God foreknew what result man would have, became he thus ordained it by his decree.| 8. |God not only foresaw the fall of the first man, but by his own will he ordained it.|
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