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Scottish Psalter And Paraphrases by Anonymous

33 Matth. 6:9-14


Father of all! we bow to thee,

who dwell'st in heav'n adored;

But present still through all thy works,

the universal Lord.

For ever hallowed be thy name

by all beneath the skies;

And may thy kingdom still advance,

till grace to glory rise.

A grateful homage may we yield,

with hearts resigned to thee;

And as in heav'n thy will is done,

on earth so let it be.

From day to day we humbly own

the hand that feeds us still

Give us our bread, and teach to rest

contented in thy will.

Our sins before thee we confess;

O may they be forgiv'n!

As we to others mercy show,

we mercy beg from Heav'n.

Still let thy grace our life direct;

from evil guard our way;

And in temptation's fatal path

permit us not to stray.

For thine the pow'r, the kingdom thine;

all glory's due to thee:

Thine from eternity they were,

and thine shall ever be.

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