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Scottish Psalter And Paraphrases by Anonymous

Psalm 83

A Song or Psalm of Asaph.


^1Keep not, O God, we thee entreat,

O keep not silence now:

Do thou not hold thy peace, O God,

and still no more be thou.

^2For, lo, thine enemies a noise

tumultuously have made;

And they that haters are of thee

have lifted up the head.

^3Against thy chosen people they

do crafty counsel take;

And they against thy hidden ones

do consultations make.

^4Come, let us cut them off, said they,

from being a nation,

That of the name of Isr'el may

no more be mention.

^5For with joint heart they plot, in league

against thee they combine.

^6The tents of Edom, Ishm'elites,

Moab's and Hagar's line;

^7Gebal, and Ammon, Amalek,

Philistines, those of Tyre;

^8And Assur join'd with them, to help

Lot's children they conspire.

^9Do to them as to Midian,

Jabin at Kison strand;

^10And Sis'ra, which at En-dor fell,

as dung to fat the land.

^11Like Oreb and like Zeeb make

their noble men to fall;

Like Zeba and Zalmunna like,

make thou their princes all;

^12Who said, For our possession

let us God's houses take.

^13My God, them like a wheel, as chaff

before the wind, them make.

^14As fire consumes the wood, as flame

doth mountains set on fire,

^15Chase and affright them with the storm

and tempest of thine ire.

^16Their faces fill with shame, O Lord,

that they may seek thy name.

^17Let them confounded be, and vex'd,

and perish in their shame:

^18That men may know that thou, to whom

alone doth appertain

The name Jehovah, dost most high

o'er all the earth remain.

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