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Scottish Psalter And Paraphrases by Anonymous

Psalm 45

Second Version (S.M.)


^1My heart inditing is

good matter in a song:

I speak the things that I have made,

which to the King belong:

My tongue shall be as quick,

his honour to indite,

As is the pen of any scribe

that useth fast to write.

^2Thou'rt fairest of all men;

grace in thy lips doth flow:

And therefore blessings evermore

on thee doth God bestow.

^3Thy sword gird on thy thigh,

thou that art most of might:

Appear in dreadful majesty,

and in thy glory bright.

^4For meekness, truth, and right,

ride prosp'rously in state;

And thy right hand shall teach to thee

things terrible and great.

^5Thy shafts shall pierce their hearts

that foes are to the King;

Whereby into subjection

the people thou shalt bring.

^6Thy royal seat, O Lord,

for ever shall remain:

The sceptre of thy kingdom doth

all righteousness maintain.

^7Thou lov'st right, and hat'st ill;

for God, thy God, most high,

Above thy fellows hath with th' oil

of joy anointed thee.

^8Of myrrh and spices sweet

a smell thy garments had,

Out of the iv'ry palaces,

whereby they made thee glad.

^9And in thy glorious train

kings' daughters waiting stand;

And thy fair queen, in Ophir gold,

doth stand at thy right hand.

^10O daughter, take good heed,

incline, and give good ear;

Thou must forget thy kindred all,

and father's house most dear.

^11Thy beauty to the King

shall then delightful be:

And do thou humbly worship him,

because thy Lord is he.

^12The daughter then of Tyre

there with a gift shall be,

And all the wealthy of the land

shall make their suit to thee.

^13The daughter of the King

all glorious is within;

And with embroideries of gold

her garments wrought have been.

^14She cometh to the King

in robes with needle wrought;

The virgins that do follow her

shall unto thee be brought.

^15They shall be brought with joy,

and mirth on ev'ry side,

Into the palace of the King,

and there they shall abide.

^16And in thy fathers' stead,

thy children thou may'st take,

And in all places of the earth

them noble princes make.

^17I will shew forth thy name

to generations all:

Therefore the people evermore

to thee give praises shall.

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