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Scottish Psalter And Paraphrases by Anonymous

Psalm 25

A Psalm of David.

First Version (S.M.)


^1To thee I lift my soul:

^2O Lord, I trust in thee:

My God, let me not be asham'd,

nor foes triumph o'er me.

^3Let none that wait on thee

be put to shame at all;

But those that without cause transgress,

let shame upon them fall.

^4Shew me thy ways, O Lord;

thy paths, O teach thou me:

^5And do thou lead me in thy truth,

therein my teacher be:

For thou art God that dost

to me salvation send,

And I upon thee all the day

expecting do attend.

^6Thy tender mercies, Lord,

I pray thee to remember,

And loving-kindnesses; for they

have been of old for ever.

^7My sins and faults of youth

do thou, O Lord, forget:

After thy mercy think on me,

and for thy goodness great.

^8God good and upright is:

the way he'll sinners show.

^9The meek in judgment he will guide,

and make his path to know.

^10The whole paths of the Lord

are truth and mercy sure,

To those that do his cov'nant keep,

and testimonies pure.

^11Now, for thine own name's sake,

O Lord, I thee entreat

To pardon mine iniquity;

for it is very great.

^12What man is he that fears

the Lord, and doth him serve?

Him shall he teach the way that he

shall choose, and still observe.

^13His soul shall dwell at ease;

and his posterity

Shall flourish still, and of the earth

inheritors shall be.

^14With those that fear him is

the secret of the Lord;

The knowledge of his covenant

he will to them afford.

^15Mine eyes upon the Lord

continually are set:

For he it is that shall bring forth

my feet out of the net.

^16Turn unto me thy face,

and to me mercy show;

Because that I am desolate,

and am brought very low.

^17My heart's griefs are increas'd:

me from distress relieve.

^18See mine affliction and my pain,

and all my sins forgive.

^19Consider thou my foes,

because they many are;

And it a cruel hatred is

which they against me bear.

^20O do thou keep my soul,

do thou deliver me:

And let me never be asham'd,

because I trust in thee.

^21Let uprightness and truth

keep me, who thee attend.

^22Redemption, Lord, to Israel

from all his troubles send.

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