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The Three Additions To Daniel A Study by William Heaford Daubney


trms kphyr vtnyy

(thl ts' yg)

vv.1, 2. Introduces Cyrus and Daniel.3. How Bel was worshipped by the Babylonians.4-7.

Discussion as to Bel's worship between the King and Daniel.8, 9. The King enquires of Bel's priests, and says that they or Daniel must die.10-14. The test agreed upon to prove whether Bel partook of the offerings or no.15-22.

Decided in the negative by discovery of the Priests' trick, who are slain and their idol destroyed.23. Introduces the other object of worship, the Dragon.24-27.

Conversation as to its divinity between the King and Daniel, who, with the former's permission, ingeniously slays it.28, 29. Anger of the Babylonians with them both.30-32. They cause Daniel to be cast into the lions' den.33-40. He is miraculously saved by Habakkuk.40, 42. The King acknowledges the Lord, sets Daniel free, and delivers his persecutors to the fate intended for the prophet.

N.B. -- It is unaccountable why the heading' in A. V. begins with v.19. Cf. Sus. for a similar peculiarity.

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