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The Three Additions To Daniel A Study by William Heaford Daubney


ksvsnh byn hchvchym

(syr v v)


Susanna -- her husband, family, and house.5, 6.

Two newly-appointed Elders resort thither for official purposes.7-14.

How they yielded to the lust of the eye,' and laid their plot.15-21.

How they attempted to carry it out.22-26.

Susanna's soliloquy and cry.27-41.

The Elders' false accusation in private and in public, resulting in her condemnation to death.42-44.

Her prayer.45-49.

The inspiration of Daniel to clear her.50-59.

He re-opens the case, and proves the Elders to be false: 60-62.

The death-penalty is transferred to them, and Susanna is delivered, 63, 64.

Whose family thank God; while Daniel's reputation is established.

N.B. -- It is not clear why the heading' or contents' in the A. V. begins with v.16. Cf. the heading of Bel and the Dragon for a similar ignoring of the early verses, as also that of I. Macc i.

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