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Anti-pelagian Writings by St. Augustine

Chapter 7.--Pope Zosimus Kindly Excuses Him.

The bishop, however, who presides over this See, upon seeing him hurrying headlong in so great presumption like a madman, chose in his great compassion, with a view to the man's repentance, if it might be, rather to bind him tightly by eliciting from him answers to questions proposed by himself, than by the stroke of a severe condemnation to drive him over the precipice, down which he seemed to be even now ready to fall. I say advisedly, |down which he seemed to be ready to fall,| rather than |over which he had actually fallen,| because he had already in this same book of his forecast the subject with an intended reference to questions of this sort in the following words: |If it should so happen that any error of ignorance has stolen over us human beings, let it be corrected by your decisive sentence.|
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