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The Confessions And Letters Of St by St. Augustine

Chapter XVIII.--Jesus Christ, the Mediator, is the Only Way of Safety.

24. And I sought a way of acquiring strength sufficient to enjoy Thee; but I found it not until I embraced that |Mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus,| |who is over all, God blessed for ever,| calling unto me, and saying, |I am the way, the truth, and the life,| and mingling that food which I was unable to receive with our flesh. For |the Word was made flesh,| that Thy wisdom, by which Thou createdst all things, might provide milk for our infancy. For I did not grasp my Lord Jesus, -- I, though humbled, grasped not the humble One; nor did I know what lesson that infirmity of His would teach us. For Thy Word, the Eternal Truth, pre-eminent above the higher parts of Thy creation, raises up those that are subject unto Itself; but in this lower world built for Itself a humble habitation of our clay, whereby He intended to abase from themselves such as would be subjected and bring them over unto Himself, allaying their swelling, and fostering their love; to the end that they might go on no further in self-confidence, but rather should become weak, seeing before their feet the Divinity weak by taking our |coats of skins;| and wearied, might cast themselves down upon It, and It rising, might lift them up.
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