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Lyra Germanica Second Series The Christian Life by Catherine Winkworth

The Final Conflict and Heaven In Time of dangerous Duty.

In Time of dangerous Duty.


Ich hab mein Sach Gott heirngestellt

J. Pappus.1598.

My cause is God's, and I am still,

Let Him do with me as He will;

Whether for me the fight is won,

Or scarce begun,

I ask no more -- His will be done!

My sins are more than I can bear,

Yet not for this will I despair,

I know to death and to the grave

The Father gave

His dearest Son, that He might save.

In Him my Saviour I abide,

I know for all my sins He died,

And risen again to work my good,

The burning flood

Hath quench'd with His most precious blood.

To Him I live and die alone,

Death cannot part Him from His own;

Living or dying I am His

Who only is

Our comfort, and our gate of bliss.

This is my solace, day by day,

When snares and death beset my way,

I know that at the morn of doom

From out the tomb

With joy to meet Him I shall come.

Then I shall see God face to face,

I doubt it not, through Jesu's grace,

Amid the joys prepared for me!

Thanks be to Thee

Who givest us the victory!

O Jesus Christ, Thou Son of God,

Who once for me didst bear the rod,

Ah hide me in Thy wounded heart

When I depart;

My help, my hope, Thou only art!

Amen, dear God! now send us faith,

And at the last a happy death;

And grant us all ere long to be

In heaven with Thee,

To praise Thee there eternally.

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