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Lyra Germanica Second Series The Christian Life by Catherine Winkworth

The Life of Faith The Christian Race.

The Christian Race.


Wer das Kleinod will erlangen

J. Mentzer.1704.

Who would make the prize his own,

Runs as swiftly as he can;

Who would gain an earthly crown,

Strives in earnest as a man;

Trains himself betimes with care

For the conflict he would share,

Casts aside whate'er could be

Hindrance to His victory.

Lord, Thou biddest me aspire

To a prize so high, so grand,

That it sets my soul on fire

To be found amidst Thy band:

Oh how brightly shineth down

From Thy heights the starry crown

And the throne to victors given,

Who for Thee have bravely striven!

Yet it seems I strive in vain,

Lord, in pity look on me,

Thou my weakness must sustain,

Set me now from all things free

That would keep me from my goal;

Come, Thyself prepare my soul,

Give me joy and strength and life,

Help me in the race, the strife.

Well our utmost efforts worth

Is the crown I see afar,

Though the blinded sons of earth

Care not for our holy war;

An exceeding great reward

Is that crown of grace, my Lord;

Be Thyself my Strength divine,

And the prize shall soon be mine.

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