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Lyra Germanica Second Series The Christian Life by Catherine Winkworth

The Life of Faith The Anchor of the Soul.

The Anchor of the Soul.


Herzlich lieb hab ich dich O Herr


Lord, all my heart is fix'd on Thee,

I pray Thee, be not far from me,

With grace and love divine.

The whole wide world delights me not,

Of heaven or earth, Lord, ask I not,

If only Thou art mine;

And though my heart be like to break,

Thou art my trust that nought can shake,

My portion, and my hidden joy,

Whose cross could all my bonds destroy;

Lord Jesus Christ!

My God and Lord! My God and Lord!

Forsake me not who trust Thy word!

Rich are Thy gifts! 'Twas God that gave

Body and soul, and all I have

In this poor life I live;

That I may use them to Thy praise,

And man's true welfare all my days,

Thy grace I pray Thee give;

From all false doctrine keep me, Lord;

All lies and malice from me ward;

In every cross uphold Thou me,

That I may bear it patiently;

Lord Jesus Christ!

My God and Lord! My God and Lord!

In death Thy comfort still afford.

Ah Lord, let Thy dear angels come

At my last end to bear me home

To Paradise for aye;

And in its narrow chamber keep

My body safe in painless sleep

Until Thy judgment Day;

And then from death awaken me,

That these mine eyes with joy may see,

O Son of God, Thy glorious face,

My Saviour, and my Fount of Grace!

Lord Jesus Christ!

Receive my prayer, receive my prayer,

Thy love for ever I'll declare.

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