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Lyra Germanica Second Series The Christian Life by Catherine Winkworth

The Holy Communion The Remembrance.

The Remembrance.


Wie könnt ich Sein vergeffen

Kern. Died 1835.

Oh how could I forget Him

Who ne'er forgetteth me?

Or tell the love that let Him

Come down to set me free?

I lay in darkest sadness,

Till He made all things new,

And still fresh love and gladness

Flow from that heart so true.

How could I ever leave Him

Who is so kind a Friend?

How could I ever grieve Him

Who thus to me doth bend?

Have I not seen Him dying

For us on yonder tree?

Do I not hear Him crying,

Arise and follow Me!

For ever will I love Him

Who saw my hopeless plight,

Who felt my sorrows move Him,

And brought me life and light;

Whose arm shall be around me

When my last hour is come,

And suffer none to wound me,

Though dark the passage home.

He gives me pledges holy,

His body and His blood,

He lifts the scorn'd, the lowly,

He makes my courage good,

For He will reign within me,

And shed His graces there;

The heaven He died to win me

Can I then fail to share?

In joy and sorrow ever

Shine through me, Blessed Heart,

Who bleeding for us never

Didst shrink, from sorest smart!

Whate'er I've loved or striven

Or borne, I bring to Thee;

Now let Thy heart and heaven

Stand open, Lord, to me!

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