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Lyra Germanica Second Series The Christian Life by Catherine Winkworth

Evening Prayer Trust in God.

Trust in God.


Die Nacht ist kommen darin wir ruhen

Bohemian Brethren.

The night is come, wherein at last we rest,

God order this and all things for the best!

Beneath His blessing fearless we may lie

Since He is nigh.

Drive evil thoughts and spirits far away,

Master, watch o'er us till the dawning day,

Body and soul alike from harm defend,

Thine angel send.

Let holy prayers and thoughts our latest be,

Let us awake with joy, still close to Thee,

In all serve Thee, in every deed and thought

Thy praise be sought.

Give to the sick as Thy beloved sleep,

And help the captive, comfort those who weep,

Care for the widows' and the orphans' woe,

Keep far our foe.

For we have none on whom for help to call,

Save Thee, O God in heaven, who car'st for all,

And wilt forsake them never, day or night,

Who love Thee right.

Father, Thy Name be praised, Thy Kingdom come,

Thy will be wrought as in our heavenly home,

Keep us in life, forgive our sins, deliver

Us now and ever! Amen.

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