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Lyra Germanica Second Series The Christian Life by Catherine Winkworth

Morning Prayer A Morning Prayer.

A Morning Prayer.


Im Osten flammt empor die goldene Sonne


The golden morn flames up the Eastern sky,

And what dark night had hid from every eye

All-piercing day-light summons clear to view:

And all the forests, vale or plain or hill,

That slept in mist enshrouded, dark and still,

In gladsome light are glittering now anew.

Shine in my heart, and bring me joy and light,

Sun of my darken'd soul, dispel its night,

And shed in it the truthful day abroad;

And all the many gloomy folds lay bare

Within this heart, that fain would learn to wear

The pure and glorious likeness of its Lord.

Glad with Thy light, and glowing with Thy love,

So let me ever speak and think and move

As fits a soul new-touch'd with life from Heaven,

That seeks but so to order all her course

As most to show the glory of that Source

By whom alone her strength, her life are given.

I ask not, take away this weight of care;

No, for that love I pray that all can bear,

And for the faith that whatsoe'er befall

Must needs be good, and for my profit prove,

Since from my Father's heart most rich in love,

And from His bounteous hands it cometh all.

I ask not that my course be calm and still;

No, here too, Lord, be done Thy holy will;

I ask but for a quiet childlike heart;

Though thronging cares and restless toil be mine,

Yet may my heart remain for ever Thine,

Draw it from earth, and fix it where Thou art.

I ask Thee not to finish soon the strife,

The toil, the trouble of this earthly life;

No, be my peace amid its grief and pain;

I pray not, grant me now Thy realm on high;

No, ere I die let me to evil die,

And through Thy cross my sins be wholly slain.

True Morning Sun of all my life, I pray

That not in vain Thou shine on me to-day,

Be Thou my light when all around is gloom;

Thy brightness, hope, and courage on me shed,

That I may joy to see when life is fled

The setting sun that brings the pilgrim home.

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