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Lyra Germanica Second Series The Christian Life by Catherine Winkworth

Ascension The Throne of Grace.

The Throne of Grace.


Mein Jesu, den die Seraphinen

Wolfgang C. Dessler.1692.

My Jesus, if the seraphim,

The burning host that near Thee stand,

Before Thy Majesty are dim,

And veil their face at Thy command;

How shall these mortal eyes of mine,

Now dark with evil's hateful night,

Endure to gaze upon the light

That aye surrounds that throne of Thine?

Yet grant the eye of faith, O Lord,

To pierce within the Holy Place,

For I am saved and Thou adored,

If I am quicken'd by Thy grace.

Behold, O King, before Thy throne

My soul in lowly love doth bend,

Oh show Thyself her gracious Friend,

And say, |I choose thee for mine own.|

Have mercy, Lord of love, for long

My spirit for Thy mercy sighs,

My inmost soul hath found a tongue,

|Be merciful, O God,| she cries!

I know Thou wilt not bid me go,

Thou canst not be ungracious, Lord,

To one for whom Thy blood was pour'd,

Whose guilt was cancell'd by Thy woe.

Here in Thy gracious hands I fall,

To Thee I cling with faith's embrace,

O righteous Sovereign, hear my call,

And turn, O turn, to me in grace!

For through Thy sorrows I am just,

And guilt no more in me is found,

Thus reconciled, my soul is bound

To Thee in endless love and trust.

And let Thy wisdom be my guide,

Nor take Thy light from me away,

Thy grace be ever at my side,

That from the path I may not stray

Which Thou dost love, but evermore

In steadfast faith my course fulfil,

And keep Thy word, and do Thy will,

Thy love within, Thy heaven before!

Reach down and arm me with Thy hand,

And strengthen me with inner might,

That I through faith may strive and stand

Though craft and force against me fight:

So shall the kingdom of Thy love

Be through me and within me spread,

That honours Thee, our glorious Head,

And crowneth us in realms above.

Yes, yes, to Thee my soul would cleave,

O choose it, Saviour, for Thy throne!

Couldst Thou in love to me once leave

The glory that was all Thine own,

So honour Thou my life and heart

That Thou mayst find a heaven in me,

And when this house decay'd shall be,

Then grant the heaven where now Thou art.

To Thee I rise in faith on high,

O bend Thou down in love to me!

Let nothing rob me of this joy,

That all my soul is fill'd with Thee;

As long as I have life and breath,

Thee will I honour, fear, and love,

And when this heart hath ceased to move,

Yet Love shall live and conquer death.

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