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Lyra Germanica Second Series The Christian Life by Catherine Winkworth

Easter The Resurrection from the Death of Sin.

The Resurrection from the Death of Sin.


O auferstandener Siegesfürst

J. H. Böhmer.1706.

O risen Lord! O conquering King!

O Life of all that live!

To-day that peace of Easter bring

Which only Thou canst give!

Once death, our foe,

Had laid Thee low,

Now hast Thou rent his bonds in twain,

For Thou art risen who once wast slain!

The power of Thy great majesty

Bursts rocks and tombs away,

Thy victory raises us with Thee

Into the glorious day;

Now Satan's might

And Death's dark night

Have lost their power this blessed morn

And we to higher life are born.

Oh that our hearts might inly know

Thy victory over death,

And gazing on Thy conflict glow

With eager dauntless faith;

Thy quenchless light,

Thy glorious might

Still comfortless and lonely leave

The soul that cannot yet believe.

Then break through our hard hearts Thy way,

O Jesus, conquering King!

Kindle the lamp of faith to-day,

Teach our faint hearts to sing

For joy at length,

That in Thy strength

We too may rise whom sin had slain,

And Thy eternal rest attain.

And when our tears for sin o'erflow,

Do Thou in love draw near,

The precious gift of peace bestow,

Shine on us bright and clear;

That so may we,

O Christ, from Thee

Drink in the life that cannot die,

And keep true Easter feasts on high.

Yes, let us truly know within

Thy rising from the dead,

And quit the grave of death and sin,

And keep that gift, our Head,

That Thou didst leave

For all who cleave

To Thee through all this earthly strife --

So shall we enter into life.

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