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A Key To The Apocalypse by Joseph Mede


Of the Holy Place, that is, of the Temple, and its Courts.

Figure of the Temple

AAAA The Inner Court.

g d The Altar of Burnt-Offering
BBBB The Outer Court.
a b The Temple.

Ag Ad The Place of Offering Sacrifice. The Thusiasterion. a The Holy of Holies.
b The Holy Place.

To these two courts, (of which only, and not of more, the Scripture makes mention,) a third was added in after ages, namely, in the temple of Herod; with another wall built in the circumference of the temple, which was called that of the Gentiles and unclean persons; but this was not accounted sacred, nay more, on the columns erected, there was inscribed in Greek and Latin letters, |Let no stranger of another tribe pass through into the holy place.| Josephus de Bello Judaico, 1-6. cvi. Greek 18.

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