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Commentary Critical And Explanatory On The Whole Bible by Robert Jamieson

Isa 62:1-12. Intercessory Prayers for Zion's Restoration, Accompanying God's Promises of It, as the Appointed Means of Accomplishing It.

Isa 62:1-12. Intercessory Prayers for Zion's Restoration, Accompanying God's Promises of It, as the Appointed Means of Accomplishing It.

1. I -- the prophet, as representative of all the praying people of God who love and intercede for Zion (compare Isa 62:6, 7; Ps 102:13-17), or else Messiah (compare Isa 62:6). So Messiah is represented as unfainting in His efforts for His people (Isa 42:4; 50:7).

righteousness thereof -- not its own inherently, but imputed to it, for its restoration to God's favor: hence |salvation| answers to it in the parallelism. |Judah| is to be |saved| through |the Lord our (Judah's and the Church's) righteousness| (Jer 23:6).

as brightness -- properly the bright shining of the rising sun (Isa 60:19; 4:5; 2Sa 23:4; Pr 4:18).

lamp -- blazing torch.

2. (Isa 11:10; 42:1-6; 49:7, 22, 23; 60:3, 5, 16).

new name -- expression of thy new and improved condition (Isa 62:4), the more valuable and lasting as being conferred by Jehovah Himself (Isa 62:12; Isa 65:15; Re 2:17; 3:12).

3. (Zec 9:16)

in ... hand of ... Lord -- As a crown is worn on the head, not |in the hand,| hand must here be figurative for |under the Lord's protection| (compare De 33:3). |All His saints are in thy hand.| His people are in His hand at the same time that they are |a crown of glory| to Him (Re 6:2; 19:12); reciprocally, He is |a crown of glory and a diadem of beauty| to them (Isa 28:5; compare Mal 3:17).

4. be termed -- be |forsaken,| so as that that term could be applicable to thee.

Hephzi-bah -- (2Ki 21:1), the name of Hezekiah's wife, a type of Jerusalem, as Hezekiah was of Messiah (Isa 32:1): |my delight is in her.|

Beulah -- |Thou art married.| See the same contrast of Zion's past and future state under the same figure (Isa 54:4-6; Re 21:2, 4).

land ... married -- to Jehovah as its Lord and Husband: implying not only ownership, but protection on the part of the Owner [Horsley].

5. thy sons -- rather, changing the points, which are of no authority in Hebrew, |thy builder| or |restorer,| that is, God; for in the parallel clause, and in Isa 62:4, God is implied as being |married| to her; whereas her |sons| could hardly be said to marry their mother; and in Isa 49:18, they are said to be her bridal ornaments, not her husband. The plural form, builders, is used of God in reverence as |husbands| (see on Isa 54:5).

over the bride -- in the possession of the bride (Isa 65:19; Jer 32:41; Zep 3:17).

6. I -- Isaiah speaking in the person of the Messiah.

watchmen upon ... walls -- image from the watches set upon a city's wall to look out for the approach of a messenger with good tidings (Isa 52:7, 8); the good tidings of the return of the Jewish exiles from Babylon, prefiguring the return from the present dispersion (compare Isa 21:6-11; 56:10; Eze 3:17; 33:7). The watches in the East are announced by a loud cry to mark the vigilance of the watchmen.

ye that ... mention ... Lord -- Hebrew, |ye that are the Lord's remembrancers|; God's servants who by their prayers |put God in remembrance| of His promises (Isa 43:26); we are required to remind God, as if God could, which He cannot, forget His promises (Ps 119:49; Jer 14:21).

7. no rest -- Hebrew, |silence|; keep not silence yourselves, nor let Him rest in silence. Compare as to Messiah Himself, |I will not hold ... peace ... not rest| (Isa 62:1); Messiah's watchmen (Isa 62:6, 7) imitate Him (Isa 62:1) in intercessory |prayer without ceasing| for Jerusalem (Ps 122:6; 51:18); also for the spiritual Jerusalem, the Church (Lu 18:1, 7; Ro 1:9).

a praise -- (See on Isa 61:11; Zep 3:20).

8. sworn by ... right hand -- His mighty instrument of accomplishing His will (compare Isa 45:23; Heb 6:13).

sons of ... stranger -- Foreigners shall no more rob thee of the fruit of thy labors (compare Isa 65:21, 22).

9. eat ... and praise -- not consume it on their own lusts, and without thanksgiving.

drink it in ... courts -- They who have gathered the vintage shall drink it at the feasts held in the courts surrounding the temple (De 12:17, 18; 14:23, &c.).

10. What Isaiah in the person of Messiah had engaged in (Isa 62:1) unrestingly to seek, and what the watchmen were unrestingly to pray for (Isa 62:7), and what Jehovah solemnly promised (Isa 62:8, 9), is now to be fulfilled; the Gentile nations are commanded to |go through the gates| (either of their own cities [Rosenmuller] or of Jerusalem [Maurer]), in order to remove all obstacles out of |the way of the people (Israel)| (see on Isa 7:14; Isa 40:3; 52:10-12).

standard -- for the dispersed Jews to rally round, with a view to their return (Isa 49:22; 11:12).

11. salvation -- embodied in the Saviour (see Zec 9:9).

his work -- rather, recompense (Isa 40:10).

12. Sought out -- Sought after and highly prized by Jehovah; answering to |not forsaken| in the parallel clause; no longer abandoned, but loved; image from a wife (Isa 62:4; Jer 30:14).

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