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Commentary Critical And Explanatory On The Whole Bible by Robert Jamieson

Isa 12:1-6. Thanksgiving Hymn of the Restored and Converted Jews.

Isa 12:1-6. Thanksgiving Hymn of the Restored and Converted Jews.

Just as Miriam, after the deliverance of the Red Sea (Isa 11:16), celebrated it with an ode of praise (Ex 15:1-19).

2. Lord Jehovah -- Jah, Jehovah. The repetition of the name denotes emphasis, and the unchangeableness of God's character.

strength ... song ... salvation -- derived from Ex 15:2; Ps 118:14. The idea of salvation was peculiarly associated with the feast of tabernacles (see Isa 12:3). Hence the cry |Hosanna,| |Save, we beseech thee,| that accompanied Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem on that day (the fifteenth of the seventh month) (Mt 21:9; compare with Ps 118:25, 26); the earnest of the perfected |salvation| which He shall bring to His people at His glorious second appearance at Jerusalem (Heb 9:28). |He shall appear the second time without sin unto salvation.| Compare Re 21:3, |The tabernacle of God is with men.| Compare Lu 9:33, |three tabernacles: one for thee,| &c. (the transfiguration being a pledge of the future kingdom), (Ps 118:15; Zec 14:16). As the Jew was reminded by the feast of tabernacles of his wanderings in tents in the wilderness, so the Jew-Gentile Church to come shall call to mind, with thanksgiving, the various past ways whereby God has at last brought them to the heavenly |city of habitation| (Ps 107:7).

3. draw water ... salvation -- an expressive image in a hot country. On the last day of the feast of tabernacles the Jews used to bring water in a golden pitcher from the fountain of Siloam, and pour it, mingled with wine, on the sacrifice on the altar, with great rejoicing. This is the allusion in Jesus' words on |the last day of the feast| (Joh 7:2, 37-39). The pouring out of water indicated repentance (1Sa 7:6; compare, as to the Jews' repentance hereafter, Zec 12:10). There shall be a latter outpouring of the Spirit like the former one on pentecost (Joe 2:23).

wells -- not mere streams, which may run dry, but ever-flowing fountains (Joh 4:14; 7:38), |Out of his belly (that is, in and from himself) -- living water| (Isa 42:18; Ps 84:6; Zec 13:1; Re 7:17).

4. make mention -- Hebrew, |cause it to be remembered.|

5. Sing, &c. -- alluding to Ex 15:21.

6. inhabitant of Zion -- Hebrew, |inhabitress|; so |daughter of Zion,| that is, Zion and its people.

in the midst of thee -- of Jerusalem literally (Jer 3:17; Eze 48:35; Zep 3:15, 17; Zec 2:10).

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