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Hymn Writers Of The Church by Charles S. Nutter


Scriven, Joseph, the author of |What a Friend we have in Jesus,| was born at Dublin, Ireland, in 1820; was graduated from Trinity College, Dublin; moved to Canada in 1845, where he led a humble but useful life till his death at Port Hope, October 10, 1886. Mr. Ira D. Sankey, in his Story of the Gospel Hymns, says that the young lady to whom he was to be married was accidentally drowned on the eve of their wedding day, which sad event led him to consecrate his life and property to the service of Christ. It is said that no service was too lowly for him to render if it could be done without compensation and without observation for one of the least of Christ's disciples. His hymn is one of the most popular of all modern hymns.

What a Friend we have in Jesus 551

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