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Hymn Writers Of The Church by Charles S. Nutter

Clement of Alexandria

Clement of Alexandria, whose real name was Titus Flavius Clemens, was born about 160 or 170 A.D., at either Athens or Alexandria; and died about 215 or 220. A diligent student of Greek literature and philosophy, he was also as a young man an earnest seeker after the truth, and at length found it in the Christian faith. He traveled far and wide, seeking instruction from Christian teachers. He seemed to have been most influenced by Pantaenus, the head of the celebrated Catechetical School at Alexandria, and succeeded him about 190. While in this position he was ordained a presbyter. He continued to teach and preach at Alexandria until driven away by the persecution of Severus in 202. Origen and Alexander, Bishop of Jerusalem, were both pupils of Clement at Alexandria. The last knowledge of him is in 211, when he bore a letter of commendation and confidence from Bishop Alexander, his former pupil, to the Christians at Antioch. It is not known whether he died in the East or returned to Alexandria. Three of his theological works are extant; also one sermon and one hymn to Christ, which, as found in this collection, owes as much to the translator as it does to the author.

Shepherd of tender youth 672

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