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Hymns From The Land Of Luther by Jane Borthwick




|Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.| -- Matt.5:3.

|Hinab geht Christi Weg.|


transl., Sarah Findlater, 1858

Christ's path was sad and lowly,

But yet thou, in tby pride,

Wouldst climb the highest summit,

And on the hight abide!

Wouldst thou to heaven arise?

Thy Lord the way will show thee;

For who would climb these skies,

Must first with Him be lowly.

Lowly, my soul, be lowly --

Follow the paths of old:

The feather riseth lightly,

But never so the gold!

The stream, descending fast,

Has gathered, quietly, slowly --

A river rolls at last --

Therefore, my soul, be lowly.

Lowly, my eyes, be lowly:

God, from His throne above,

Looks down upon the humble,

In kindness and in love.

Still, as I rise, I shall

Have greater depths below me,

And haughty looks must fall --

Therefore, mine eyes, be lowly.

Lowly, my hands, be lowly:

Christ's poor around us dwell,

Stoop down, and kindly cherish

The flock He loves so well.

Not toiling to secure

This world's fame and glory --

Thy Saviour blessed the poor,

Therefore, my hands, be lowly.

Lowly, my heart, be lowly:

So God shall dwell with thee;

It is the meek and patient

Who shall exalted be.

Deep in the yalley rest

The Spirit's gifts most holy,

And they who seek are blest --

Therefore, my heart, be lowly.

Lowly, I would be lowly!

This frame, to earth allied,

Must first to dust be humbled

Ere it be glorified!

My God, prepare me here

For all that lies before me;

I would in heaven appear,

And so I would be lowly.

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