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Hymns From The Land Of Luther by Jane Borthwick




|If any man be In Christ, he is a new ereature; old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.| -- 2 Cor.5:17.

|O treuer Heiland Jesu Christ.|


transl., Jane Borthwick, 1855

We praise and bless Thee, gracious Lord,

Our Saviour kind and true,

For all the old things passed away,

For all Thou hast made new.

The old security is gone,

In which so long we lay;

The sleep of death Thou hast dispelled,

The darkness rolled away.

New hopes, now purposes, desires,

And joys, Thy grace has given;

Old ties are broken from the earth,

New ones attach to heaven.

But yet how much must be destroyed,

How much renewed must be,

Ere we can fully stand complete

In likeness, Lord, to Thee!

Ere to Jerusalem above,

The holy place, we come,

Where nothing sinful or defiled

Shall ever find a home!

Thou, only Thou, must carry on

The work Thou hast begun:

Of Thine own strength Thou must impart,

In Thine own ways to run.

Ah! leave us not -- from day to day

Revive, restore again;

Our feeble steps do Thou direct,

Our enemies restrain.

Whate'er would tempt the soul to stray,

Or separate from Thee,

That, Lord, remove, however dear

To the poor heart it be!

When the flesh sinks, then strengthen Thou

The spirit from above;

Make us to feel Thy service sweet,

And light Thy yoke of love.

So shall we faultless stand at last

Before Thy Father's throne,

The blessedness for ever ours,

The glory all Thine own!

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