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Hymns From The Land Of Luther by Jane Borthwick




|I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand.| -- 2 Tim.4:6.

|Ich habe Lust zu scheiden.|

B. Schmolk.

transl., Sarah Findlater, 1855

Weary, waiting to depart,

My spirit longs for flight;

Still I gaze with throbbing heart

To Zion's fields of light.

When His summons shall be sent,

No dweller here may know --

To my dying testament,

Friends, hearken, ere I go!

God, my Father, to Thy hand

This spirit I bequeath;

Guide it through this desert land,

And through the gates of death.

By Thy gift this soul was mine --

Take it to Thyself again,

So shall it for ever Thine

In life and death remain.

What, O Jesus, shall I make

An offering to Thee?

Ah! these sins, these sorrows take,

So grievous, Lord, to me,

In the crimson stream that flows,

My Saviour, from Thy side,

Thus my faith each burden throws,

Hide them, for ever, hide!

O thou Spirit of all might!

I yield Thee my last sigh,

And to Thee, in death's dread fight,

I send my latest cry!

As life's pulses steal away,

Oh! speak peace to me!

And let my fainting soul that day

Nothing save Jesus see.

Angels, take these flowing tears

From my pale cheeks away!

Ye can pity earth-born fears,

And gladly will obey.

Bear me to my Saviour's care,

In these kind arms of love,

And let me for ever share

Your tearless bliss above.

Ye beloved ones, and true,

Who weeping round me bend,

Though I go, I leave with you

Your everlasting Friend.

Take my parting blessing, then,

And weep for me no more --

Surely we shall meet again

On the eternal shore!

Earth, poor earth, I've spent on thee

A long and clouded day:

Take as my last legacy,

This dwelling-house of clay;

In thy keeping it must fall

To humble dust once more,

But, ere long, thy graves shall all

In living truth restore!

This is my last testament --

God! fix Thy seal thereto!

Now I wait in calm content,

With heaven full in view.

Resting on my Lord in faith,

I pass securely on,

Knowing when I conquer death

My heritage is won!

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