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Hymns From The Land Of Luther by Jane Borthwick




|Here we have no continuing city, but seek one to come.| -- Heb.13:14.

|Kommt, kinder, lasst uns gehen.|

Gerhard Tersteegen.

transl., Sarah Findlater, 1854

Come, brothers, let us onward --

Night comes without delay;

And in this howling desert

It is not good to stay.

Take courage, and be strong,

We are hasting on to heaven:

Strength for warfare will be given,

And glory won ere long.

The Pilgrim's path of trial

We do not fear to view;

We know His voice who calls us,

We know Him to be true.

Then, let who will contemn,

But, strong in His almighty grace,

Come, every one, with steadfast face,

On to Jerusalem!

If we would walk as pilgrims,

We must not riches heap --

Much treasure to have gathered

But makes the way more steep

We march with laggard speed

Till every weight is cast aside --

Till with the little satisfied

That pilgrimage can need.

Here, all unknown we wander,

Despised on every hand,

Unnoticed, save when slighted

As strangers in the land.

Our joys they will not share,

Yet sing, -- that they may catch the song

Of heaven, and the happy throng

That now await us there!

Come, gladly let us onward,

Hand in hand still go,

Each helping one another

Through all the way below.

One family of love,

Oh! let no voice of strife be heard,

No discord, by the augel-guard

Who watch us from above.

O brothers! soon is ended

The journey we've begun;

Endure a little longer,

The race will soon be run.

And in the land of rest,

In yonder bright, eternal home,

Where all the Father's loved ones come,

We shall be safe and blest!

Then boldly let us venture --

This, this is worth the cost,

Though dangers we encounter,

Though every thing is lost.

O world! how vain thy call!

We follow Him who went before --

We follow, to th' eternal shore,

Jesus, our All in All!

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