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The Fire Of Love by Richard Rolle


Preserved Roger from accident while engaged in building the saint's tomb.

John: wounded by an enemy, is raised from apparent death by prayer and the placing of money on his body, as an offering to the saint.

Joan: Demoniac: cured by intervention of B.V.M. and the saint, who places a ring on her finger.

Woman: the saint appears to a paralyzed woman and restores her, bidding her tell her neighbours.

Thomas: bedridden: hearing in the night a voice bidding him to send a candle of 1 1/2 lbs. to be burnt before the image of the B.V.M. at Hampole, Thomas does so by his wife and family; and being alone in the house the saint appears to him and, asking where the pain is, touches the spot and heals him.

Son of Isabella: boy drowned by falling into a well. A passing pilgrim tells them to visit the hermit's tomb at Hampole. They do so, and pay a denarius at the tomb and the child is restored to life.

Hugh: falls into a well; is revived by his mother's vow to offer a candle of the length of her dead son at the saint's tomb.

William: bitten by a snake and thought to be dead; but restored by a vow to make a pilgrimage to the saint's tomb. This miracle is confirmed on oath.

John: Crippled in arms and legs: restored by promise of yearly pilgrimage to the saint's tomb.

Isabella: deaf for seven years: cured by praying at the saint's tomb.

Beatrice: dumb for six days: cured by praying at the tomb.

Julia: demoniac and dumb for twelve days: falls asleep at the saint's tomb, and Richard and the B.V.M. appear in a vision and tell her to ask the priest to whom she will confess her sins, and she will be healed in mind and body. She narrates that the brightness of the vision nearly blinded her.

John: deaf for ten years; cured by praying at the saint's tomb.

Woman: also deaf; cured at the saint's tomb.

Alice: dumb from S. Katherine's Day to Easter: cured by praying at the saint's tomb.

John: insane: led to the tomb by his friends and there cured.

Agnes: insane for three months. Her friends offer a wax candle, measured to her height, at the saint's tomb, and she is immediately restored to her senses.

Isabella: blind of one eye for twenty years: makes a pilgrimage to the tomb and is cured.

Agnes: deaf for three years: restored at the tomb.

Robert: totally blind for three years: hears a voice bidding him go to the hermit's tomb, and, obeying, is cured.

Boy of 5: choked by an apple for three days and thought to be dead: revived by a denarius placed on his head as an offering to the saint.

Boy of 4: bad ulcer in the child's mouth prevented his feeding. By wise counsel a denarius is laid upon his head, and the ulcer vanishes and the child can suck.

Joan: fell into a mill pool: rescued after an hour, and revived by prayer and being measured for a candle.

Woman: deaf for two years: makes a pilgrimage to the saint's tomb and is cured on the spot.

John: deaf for a long time: is cured by the merits and prayers of the saint.

Woman: her child is still-born and she is thought to be dead: restored by being measured for a candle to the saint.

Isabella: the child falls asleep upon a heap of straw and is smothered by it. When found is thought to be dead, but restored to life on being measured for a candle.

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