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The Hymnal Of The Protestant Episcopal Church In The Usa by Various

Daily Prayer: Through the Week 40. O Light, whose beams illumine all

Six 8's

St. Matthias:

William Henry Monk, 1861

Edward H. Plumptre, 1864

O Light, whose beams illumine all

From twilight dawn to perfect day,

Shine thou before the shadows fall,

That lead our wandering feet astray;

At morn and eve thy radiance pour,

That youth may love and age adore.

O Way, through whom our souls draw near

To yon eternal home of peace,

Where perfect love shall cast out fear,

And earth's vain toil and wandering cease;

In strength or weakness may we see

Our heavenward path, O Lord, through thee.

O Truth, before whose shrine we bow,

Thou priceless pearl for all who seek,

To thee our earliest strength we vow;

Thy love will bless the pure and meek;

When dreams or mists beguile our sight,

Turn thou our darkness into light.

O Life, the well that ever flows

To slake the thirst of those that faint,

Thy power to bless, what seraph knows?

Thy joy supreme, what words can paint?

In earth's last hour of fleeting breath

Be thou our conqueror over death.

O Light, O Way, O Truth, O Life,

O Jesus, born mankind to save,

Give thou thy peace in deadliest strife;

Shed thou thy calm on stormiest wave;

Be thou our hope, our joy, our dread,

Lord of the living and the dead.


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