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Hymns Of The Holy Eastern Church by John Brownlie


(From the Burial Office for a Layman)

horontes me aphonon kai apnoun prokeimenon
Euchologion, p.419

tr., John Brownlie


Come friends behold me here,

Speechless and breathless lying;

Held in the arms of death; --

Come with your tears and sighing.


But yesterday I lived,

And walked, and spoke with you:

Come friends, with the last kiss.

Bid me a long adieu.


For I shall walk no more

The wonted paths we trod;

My voice is stilled, I go

To speak alone with God.


The Judge has called me hence, --

To Whom the wise and great,

The warrior and the king,

Are men of one estate.


Ah! not the name I bore

Shall final doom recall;

The life of each lies bare,

Before the Judge of all.


For all the good I've done,

For all the ill and blame, --

Shall come to me in full,

The honour or the shame.


Call ye on Christ our God

That by His saving might,

I may a dwelling find

Among the sons of light.

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