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Hymns Of The Holy Eastern Church by John Brownlie


humnodias ho kairos, kai deeseos hora
Horologion, p.44

tr., John Brownlie


This is the time of song,

The hour when prayer is made,

And fervently we cry to Thee

O Undivided Trinity; --

Holy, Holy, Holy Thou,

God of Hosts to Whom we bow.


Even as the Heavenly hosts, --

But with unworthy lips, --

Eternal Trinity most strong,

To Thee we raise victorious song,

And falling down before Thee now,

Sing Holy, Holy, Holy Thou.


Thou Who wast born on earth,

But still with God remained,

Accept us Christ our God we pray,

As with angelic hosts we say,

Holy, Holy, Holy Thou,

With Thy mercy bless us now.

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