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Hymns Of The Holy Eastern Church by John Brownlie


(Hymn of Anatolius)

he basileia sou, Christe ho Theos
Menaion, December 25, p.192

tr., John Brownlie


Firm through the endless years,

Thy kingdom stands secure,

And Thy dominion evermore,

Through ages shall endure.


Thou from the Holy Ghost,

Incarnate cam'st to earth,

And, Christ our God! didst stoop

To share man's lowly birth.


Thou cam'st on us to shine,

Light from Eternal Light!

And now the Father's brightness rests

On those who dwelt in night.


O, everything that breathes,

To Thee gives homage now --

The glory of Almighty God,

The Father's image, Thou.


O Thou Who shinest forth,

Incarnate God most High,

Who art, and wast in ages gone,

To us bring mercy nigh.

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