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The Interior Castle Or The Mansions by Teresa of Avila


Absalom, III. i.6

Acts of praise, love, etc. IV. i.7

Agnes St., VI. v.13

Alcantara, St. Peter of, IV. iii.5; VI. vi.13

Alva, Duchess of; VI. iv.9; VII. i.9, note 6

Amber, VI. v.2

Anthony, St., VI. v.9

Antonius a Spiritu Sancto, IV. iii. I; VI. i.5, 12, 18, iii.5; iv.17, VI.11

Apostles, our Lord's prayer for, VII. ii.10; sufferings of, VII. iv.7

Augustine, St., IV. iii.3; VI. vii.11

Avila, Bl. John of; VI. ix.11; St. Joseph's convent at, VI. vi.14; VII. iv. conclusion

Awe, produced by visions, VI. ix.4

Babe, likeness of; IV. iii.9

Bañez, Fr. Dominic, VI. ix.11

Bee, likeness of; I. ii.9; V. ii.2

Beggar, likeness of; IV. iii.5

Beginners, II. i. passim

Bethsaida, the blind man at the pool of; I. i.10

Blindness, spiritual, VI. iv.15

Body, the setting of the diamond, I. i.3; the outer walls of the Castle, I. i.3; care of, III. ii.9, 11; VI. iii.12; strength of; not necessary in prayer of Union, V. i.2; effect of prayer of Union on, V. i.3

Books, spiritual insufficiency of, IV. iii.4; use of; V. ii.3

Bride, in the Canticle, V. i.10; and Bridegroom, V. iv.3

Butterfly, likeness of, V. ii. I, 2.6, 7, 8; iv. I; VI. iv.1, Vi. I, 3; xi. I; VII. iii.1, 10

Cecilia, St., V. iv.1

Call, God's, to the soul, II. i.4-6; IV. iii.2, 3

Carelessness in prayer, I. i.9

Carmel, our Lady of; Preface, p.36; III. i.5; Order of, Constitutions, I. ii.7; V. i.2; Rule of, VI. vi.7

Carmelite nuns, discalced, Preface, p.36; I. i.9; VI. vi.14

Castle, Interior, Preface, argument, p.35; I. i.2, 3, ii. I; VI. iii.27, iv.17; description, I. ii.8; entrance to, I. i.7; foundation of, VII. iv.13; prayer and meditation, I. i.9, 11; precincts of, I. i.10

Caterpillar, likeness of, V. ii.6

Cellar of wine, V. i.10, ii.11

Certitude of the soul, a sign of union, V. i.8, 9

Changes wrought in the soul by prayer of Union, V. ii.7, 10, 12

Charity, works of; only remedy in times of darkness, VI. i.24; effect of spiritual matrimony, VII. iv.16-23

Christ's face, VI. ix.12; sufferings, our pains joined to, V. ii.4

Church, holy Roman Catholic, Preface, p.36; VII. iv. conclusion; love of, IV. i.7

Clearness, a sign that locutions come from God, VI. iii.20

Communion, holy, VII. ii.1

Complaints, loving, VI. ii.3

Confession, regular, V. ii.3

Confessor, to be consulted on locutions, VI. iii.18; and on visions, VI. ix.10; if mistaken, VI. viii.10, 11; timorous, VI. i.15-19

Confidence, II. i.17

Confirmation in grace, VII. ii.13

Conformity with the will of God, II. i.15; III. ii.5, 8; VI. xi.5.

Consolations, divine (prayer of Quiet), III. ii.13; IV. i.4, 5, ii.2, 4, 5, 6, iii.7; earthly, no use, VI. i.22

Contempt, III. ii.6; for earthly things, an effect of raptures, VI. V.13

Contradiction, by good people, VI. i.5

Courage, necessary, II. i.13; III. ii.10; VI. i.2, 3, iv. I, V.7, 14.

Cross, II. i.15; necessary in prayer of Union, V. ii.8; of saints, VII. iv.7

Crystal, I. i.2, ii.3, 4

Darkness, dispelled by God, VI. i.20; different kinds of, I. ii. I. VII. i.4

David, King, III. i.6; VI. x.5; VII. iv.5, 15

Deaf-mutes, II. i.3, 6

Deception, fear of, VI. i.16; satanic, V. iv.5, 6, 7; where impossible, VI. ii.9-12

Defects, impeding union, V. iii.6

Desires, of death, VI. xi.9; VII. iii.14; generous, IV. i.7; to serve God, better than visions, etc., VI. ix.20, 2 i; VII. iii.5; of suffering, VII. iii.4; sometimes to be checked, VI. vi.5; to see God, VI. vii.3

Detachment, III. i.13, ii.7

Detraction, I. ii.22

Devil, I. ii.2; like a file, I. ii.19 deceives by false favours, IV. iii.10-13; V. ii.8; a good painter, VI. ix.11; unable to interfere in prayer of Union, V. i.6.; and in intellectual visions, VI. x. i; wiles of, I. ii.13, 18, 20; II, i.11; IV. iii.10; VI. i.25

Devotion, sensible, see Sweetness in prayer

Diamond, soul likened to, I. i.2, 3

Dilatation of heart, IV. i.5, ii.5

Direction necessary, II. i.18; III. ii.18

Directors, learned and unlearned, V. i.7; VI. i.16-19

Distractions, in prayer, I. i.10; IV. i.10, 11

Dominic, St., V. iv.4; VII. iv.16

Dove, soul likened to, V. iii.1; iv. I; VI. ii. I, xi. I

Drowsiness, V. i.3, 5

Dryness, in prayer, III. i.9, 10, 15

Easter, trance on the feast of, VI. xi.8.

Ecstasies, rare in Seventh Mansions, VII. iii.10

Elias, St., VI. vii.10; VII. iv.16

Energy, III. ii.10, 11

Enriquez, Doña Maria, VI. iv.9; VII. i.9

Entering within oneself; IV. iii. I, 3, 4

Envy, spiritual, I. i.5

Espousals, spiritual, V. iv.1-3; VI. ii.1, iv. i; difference between, and matrimony, VII. ii.2, 4

Exclamations, VII. ii.7

Exterior works do not interfere with interior life, VII. iii.3

Faculties, given to be used, IV. iii.6; suspension of, VI. iv.17

Faults, slight, V. iv.6

Favours, divine, not to be disbelieved, I. i.6.; value of; III, ii.16, 17; how to be used, IV. iii.9, 10; false, IV. iii.11, 12; V. ii.8; distinction from divine, IV. iii.12

Fear of illusions, VI. ix.8

Ferrer, St. Vincent, VII. iv.16

Fervour, supernatural, VI. ii.14; VII. iv.14

File, devil likened to a, I. ii.19

Fire of burning coal, God likened to, VI. ii.6

Flight of the spirit, IV. i.10; VI. v. I, 2, 8, 10-13

Francis, St., V. iv.4; VI. vi.12; VII. iv.16

Fraternal charity, V. iii.11, 12

Fretting under trials, III. ii. I, 2

Friendship, spiritual, II. i.12

Fuente, Don Vicente de, VII. ii.7

Gaze, the simple, VI. vii.14

Gedeon, II. i.13

Give all to God, V. i.3

God compels the soul to listen when He speaks, VI. iii.27

God's special care of souls most advanced, VII. iii.8

Gonzalez, Giles, VII. i.9

Gratian, Father Jerome, I. ii.21; IV. i.11; V. i.9

Grief; natural and supernatural, V. ii.11, 13, iii.7

Hart, wounded, VII. iii.12

Heathen philosophers, V. iii.7

Hell, VI. xi.7; fear of, lost, VI. vii.4; torments of, milder than those of the last Judgment, VI. ix.4

Human praise and blame alike troublesome, VI. i.7-11

Humanity, sacred of our Lord, meditation on, VI. vii.6-19; vision of, VI. ix.2; VII.

Humility, effect of supernatural favours, VI. iii.25; v.5, ix.9; false, I. ii. II, 12; always necessary, I. ii.9, 10, 12; III. i.13, 15, ii.3, 8; IV. ii.8; from vision of a soul in mortal sin, I. ii.5; want of I.15; III. ii.12; humility and truth, VI. x.6

Hysteria, see Melancholia

Ignatius of Loyola, St., V. iv.4

Ignorance, injurious, IV. i.9, 13; of a priest, V. i.7, 9

Imagination, IV. i.8-10, iii.13; VI. i.1; difference between it and visions, VI. ix.5, 6; locutions proceeding from, VI. iii.16, 17

Imitation of Christ, I. i.8; II. i.8; V. i.3, iii.3; VII. iv.7, 12

Impulses, VI. ii.12, xi. per totem.

Incense, spiritual, IV. ii.6; VI. ii.14

Inebriation, spiritual, VI. iv.18, 19, vi.15

Insecurity, III. i.3

Intellectual locutions, VI. iii.19-24

Interior Castle, see Castle Isabel of Jesus, VI. xi.8

Jacob, VI. iv.6

Jerome, St., VI. ix.4

Jesus, I. ii.4; ever our guide, VI. vii.7, 8; our model, I. ii.12; His Passion, V. ii. VI. vii.8, 9

Jewels, V. i.2; VI. iv.9, v.13, ix. I.

John of Avila, Blessed, VI. ix.11 n.

John of the Cross, St., I. i.2, 4; IV. I, 3, iii.3, 6; V. i.6, 9; VI. ii.3, 14, iii.5, 7 sqq., iv.21, v.2, vii.8, 10, viii.3. ix.20 xi.4, 6; VII. i.13, ii.13

Jonas, prophet, V. iii.6.14

Jordan, river, VI. vi.3

Josue, VI. iii.27

Joy at seeing locutions fulfilled, VI. iii.13

Jubilation, I. ii.5; VI. vi.11-1 5

Judas, V. iii.2, iv.5

Judgment, last, VI. ix.4

Kernel of palmito, I. ii.8

Kiss of the Bridegroom, VII. iii.12

Lazarus, V. iii.5

Leon, Fray Luis de, III. i.3; VII. ii.7

Liberty of spirit, I. ii.9

Light, I. ii.15; supernatural, VI. v.8

Likeness of Christ, VI. ix.11

Lizards, V. i.5

Locutions, VI. iii. per totum; Be not troubled,' ib.7; VI. iv.21; It is I,' VI. iii.8, viii.3, 4; Be at peace,' VI. iii.8; VII. ii.2; To care for God's affairs,' VII.11. I, iii.1

Loss of highly favoured souls, IV. iii.10

Lot's wife, I. i.8

Love of enemies, VI. i.12; of God, IV. i.7; V. iii.7, 8; of neighbour, V. iii.7, 8

Ludolf of Saxony, VI. ix.4

Lutherans, VII. iv. conclusion

Mansions, I. i.2, 4, ii.4, 8, 15; VII. iv. conclusion

Martha, VII. i.14, iv.17

Martin, St., VI. vi.6

Mary, Blessed Virgin, our help, I. ii.14; meditation on, VI. vii.8; sufferings of, VII. iv.7

Mary Magdalen, St., I. i.5; VI. vii.5, xi.1 2; VII. i.14, ii.9, iv. i6-20

Matrimony, spiritual, VII. I, 7, ii. per totum; difference between, and Espousals, VII. ii.2; effects of, VII. iv.10 sqq.; in this state soul free from sin, VII. iv.3; and confirmed in grace, VII. ii.13

Meditation, VI. vii.11-13

Melancholia, (hysteria), III. i 9; IV. ii.1, 2; VI. i.15, iii.2, 3, vi.7, 15

Memento, VI. iv.14

Mendoza, Don Alvaro de, VII. iii.4

Moses, VI. iv.7

Mount Carmel, see Carmel

Music, VII. iii.10

Mysteries, revealed during raptures, VI. iv.10, 12, 13

Noe's Ark, VII. iii.12

Nuptials, spiritual, see Matrimony

Obedience, preface, p.3 5; I. i.1; III. i.4, ii.18

Obligations, of a soul enraptured, VI. v.4; on account of intellectual visions, VI. viii.8

Odour, supernatural, VI. ii.14

Olive branch, VII. iii.12

Padranos, Fr. Juan de, VI. viii.3

Palace, God likened to, VI. x.3; VII. ii.15

Palmito, I. ii.8

Passion of Christ, V. ii.13; becomes the property of the soul, VI. v.6; meditation on, VI. vii.8, 9, 13-15

Paul, St., I. i.5; III. i.13; VI. vii.5, ix.7; VII. i.8, ii.6, iv.7; (hermit) VI. v.9

Peace, II. i.16; following upon Spiritual Matrimony, VII. ii.10, 13, iii.9, 13; Peace be with you,' V. i.10; VII. ii.2

Penances, indiscreet, I. ii.19.; too discreet, III. ii.9

Perfection, true, I. ii.20

Perfume, IV. ii.6; VI. ii.14

Perseverance, II. i.17, 18; III. i.1

Peter, St., III. i.13; VI. vii.5; VII. iv.8

Phoenix, VI. iv.3

Philippus a Ss. Trinitate, IV. i.3, ii.8, iii.1; V. i.8, iii.4, iv.3; VI. i.18, iv.3 sqq., v.2, 10, vi.11

Pictures, holy, VII. iii.10

Pilate, VI. x.5

Prayer, St. Teresa's writings on, Preface, p.36; books on, I. i.8; IV. iii.4, 5; no difference between vocal and mental, I. i 9; talking inconsiderately to God is not prayer, I. i.9; need of guidance in, I. ii.7; II. i.18; perseverance in, II. i.19; prayer and mortification a great work, VII. iv.22

Preparation for prayer of Union, V. ii.4, 5

Presence, spiritual of our Lord, VI. viii.2-6; VII. iii.5, 7; of Saints, ib.7; of the Blessed Trinity, VII. i.9-13

Presence chamber, God's, VII. i.3, 7

Prioress, advice to, IV. iii.12; VI. iii.2, vii.16, viii.11, 12

Prophecies, VI. iii.11, 12

Purgatory, VI. xi.6

Quiet, prayer of, IV. iii.7; different from prayer of Union, V. i.5. See also Consolations, divine

Raptures, VI. iv. per totum; effects of, VI. vi. i; false, IV. iii.11; VI. iv.22; rare in Seventh Mansion, VII. iii.10 Recollection, prayer of, IV. iii.1, 3, 4; different from prayer of Quiet, IV. iii.7

Reptiles, I. i.11, II. ii.15; II. i.16; IV. i.3; VII. ii.15, iv, 1

River of living waters, I. ii.1, 3

Sacrament, Blessed, V. i.9

Samaritan woman, VI. xi.5

Saul, king, V. iii.2; VI. ix.18

Schram, Dom, VI. iii.10; viii.10

Search for God, VI. vii.11

Secrecy of raptures, VI. iv.20, 21, viii.12

Security, III. i.1, 2

Self-knowledge, I. ii.9-11; IV. i.

13; V. iv.8; VI. V.12

Senses, I, ii.4; IV. iii.1; VI, iv.17

Sepulchre, V. i.10

Sermons, V. ii.3; VII.10

Seville, III. ii.10

Siena, St. Catharine of; VI. v.2

Silkworm, likeness of, V. ii.1-6; 5

Sin, mortal, I. ii.1-3; committed under the very eyes of God, VI. x.2, 3

Sinners in prison, VII. i.4, 5

Slaves of Christ, VII. iv.12; of our neighbour, VII. iv.13

Sleep of the soul in prayer of Union, V. i.3

Solitude, desire of, VI. vi.1, 2

Solomon, III. i.6; VII. iii.9, IV.4

Sorrow for sins increasing with graces, VI. vii.1-5

Soul likened to a castle, I. i, 2; to a crystal, I. ii.3; to a garden, I. i.2; to a ship, VI. v.3; dignity of, I. i.3; a soul that does not pray is lame, I. i.8; soul in mortal sin, I. ii.1-5; VII. i.4-6; the soul and its faculties, VII. i.15, 16

Spark from the fire of God, VI. ii.6, 7

Standstill in virtue, V. iv.10

Struggles, interior, II. i.9, 10

Sufferings, bodily, VI. i.13, 14

Sun, source of light, I. ii. I, 3-5, 8

Sweetness in prayer, (sensible devotion), IV. i.4-7, ii.4.

Tears, IV. i.4, 6; V. ii.9; VI. vi.6, 9

Temptations, advantages of, IV. i.3; particularly fierce before Espousals, V. iv.4, 7

Teresa, St., consoled by Christ, VI. v.6; cures a melancholy nun, IV. iii.12; desires death, VI. vii.3; desires others to serve God better, V. iii.2; her experience in spiritual matters, V. i.7, iv.4; feels no pain during ecstasies, IV. i.11; feels presence of our Lord, VI. viii.2-5; of the Saints, ib.7; former mistakes, VI. vii.18, 19; suffers from headaches, Preface, pp.35, 36; IV. i.10; never suffered from hysteria, IV. ii.2; locutions, vide sub voce; has more light now than formerly, I. ii.7; IV. i. i, ii.6; praises God for favours bestowed on others, III. ii.16; profits by vision of a soul in mortal sin, I. ii.1, 2, 5, VII. i.4; by heavenly visions, VII. i.14; her raptures, vide sub voce; readiness to suffer, VI. xi, 10; self-disparagement, Preface, p.37; I. ii.7; III. i.4, 5, 7; submits her writings to the judgment of the Church, Preface, p.36; VII. iv. conclusion; suffers at the sight of sin, V. ii.13; transverberation, VI. xi.2, 4, 8; is troubled by turmoil of thoughts, IV.18; troubles she went through, VI, i.5-27; vi.1, viii.12; her visions, VI. ix.20; VII.1; of the Blessed Trinity, VII. i.9 sqq; wound of love, VI. ii.9; writings, Preface, p.36; I. ii.6, 7; V. iv.12

Theriac, II. i.16

Thomas Aquinas, St., V. i.6; VI. v.8

Toledo, St. Joseph's convent at, Preface, p.36

Tortoise, IV. iii.4.

Trance, false, IV. iii.11, 12; VI. iv.22; at Easter, VI. xi.8

Transverberation, VI. xi.2, 4, 8

Tree of life, I. ii. I, 3

Trinity, Blessed, feast of, Preface, p.36; vision of, VII. i.9; presence of, VII. i.9-13

Troubles preceding perfect union, VI. i.3-20

Understanding, IV. i.8

Union, prayer of; different from prayer of Quiet, V. i.5; leads to Espousals, V. iv.2; with vanities of the world, V. i.6, 7; with the Will of God, V. iii.5-8

Ursula, St., V. iv.4

Velasquez, Don Alonso, VII, 13

Virtues, real and imaginary, V. iii.9, 10

Visions, corporal, St. Teresa never saw one, VI. ix.3; imaginary, VI. iv.6, v.9, ix, per totem; intellectual, VI. iv.10, 11; v.9; viii. per totem; x, per totum; not to be sought or wished for, VI. ix.13-19; of a soul in mortal sin. I. ii.2, 5

Watchfulness, III. i.2; V. iv.8, 9

Water, spiritual, I. ii, 3; IV. ii.3, 4, 8; iii.8; VI. v.3; xi, 5; VII. ii.8, 13

Wax, soul likened to, V. ii, 11, 12; wax candles, VII. ii.5

Will of God, union with, V. iii.4, 5; VI. xi.5

Works, good, II. i.20; III. i, 12, 14, ii.1 5; V. iii.11; VI, i.24; VII. iv.17-24

World, persons in the, III. i.8, 9; ii.4, 5

Worldliness, I. ii, i 6, 17; II. i, 7

Wound of love, VI. ii.2-12; xi.2-4, 10-12

Zeal, indiscreet, I. ii.19, 21; III. ii.19

Zebedee, sons of; VI, xi.12

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