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Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith (1927 - 2013)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker Chuck Smith in text and pdf format. Pastor Chuck was used in the Jesus People revival where he was used along with others to minister to the hippy young people. They saw a work of the Spirit where many were added to the church and discipled. He has raised up many pastors who are a part of the Calvary Chapel movement now and where he pastors the large Costa Mesa church in California.

The Calvary Chapel movement is based of simple principles that Chuck Smith taught over the years such as: The priority of agape love, Simple fellowship amongst the saints, the breaking of bread, the teaching of God's word chapter by chapter and verse by verse. And lastly and most importantly the principle not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord.

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Ezra 4:1
      Intro: Lesson purpose -- to discover Satan's methods of approach in hindering the building of the temple of God. Christ is building His Church and Satan still seeks to hinder. I. AN UNHOLY UNION "LET US BUILD WITH YOU." A. Who were t ... read more

Ezra 7:6
      "THE GOOD HAND OF THE LORD" I. THE NEED FOR THE KAND OF GOD ON OUR LIVES. A. Favor with God brings favor with man. (vs. 6. 1. Life moves on two planes, vertical and horizontal. a. The verticle is the a ... read more

Ezra 8:18
      "THE GOOD HAND OF OUR GOD ON US" Intro: This seems to be the theme of this book. God is constantly working in the lives of His people for good. We can't always see this. These were the good days of restoration. I. GOD HAD PROMISED THIS DAY. ... read more

Ezra 8:21
      "PUT ON THE SPOT FOR GOD" Intro: First contingency to return from Babylon began the rebuilding of the Temple. Work bogged down and finally stopped. 78 years after first Ezra given permission to take 2nd 1500 adult males and approx. $5 ... read more

Ezra 8:22
      "THE GOOD HAND OF OUR GOD" I. "THE HAND OF OUR GOD IS UPON ALL THEM FOR GOOD WHO SEEK HIM." A. Seeking God is the only requirement. 1. Surprising how few people really seek God. 2. Seek security, pleasure, hap ... read more

Genesis 11:1
      "BUILDING TOWERS TO HEAVEN" I. WHY DOES MAN SEEK TO BUILD TOWERS TO HEAVEN? A. Man's inner consciousness declares God's exists. 1. God is on a higher level or plane. 2. Man is reaching out for God. B. ... read more

Genesis 11:31
      Intro: After the flood when men began to multiply on the earth they once again turned from God. God called out a family that He might create a nation. "Come ye apart from them and be ye separate." I. THE CALL OF GOD SOMETIMES ONLY HALF ... read more

Genesis 13:14
      "THE LOOK OF FAITH" I. "LIFT UP NOW THINE EYES." A. Abraham just experienced a difficult trial. 1. He and Lot had just parted company. 2. Lot had chosen the Jordan valley. 3. In the midst of t ... read more

Genesis 15:1
      "THE GREAT REWARD" I. "AFTER THESE THINGS." A. Four kings from Babylon and Persia invaded the land plundering many cities including Sodom. 1. Lot was taken captive. 2. An escapee came to Abram to i ... read more

Genesis 19:22
      "REMEMBERING LOT'S WIFE" I. THE CONDITIONS OF SODOM. A. Physical - Beautiful lush plain south of Dead Sea. 1. Dead Sea 40 miles long, 10 miles wide, 1286 feet below sea level. 2. Divided into upper and low end ... read more

Genesis 1:1
      "IN THE BEGINNING GOD" I. THE BIBLE IS GOD'S REVELATION OF HIMSELF TO MAN. A. The purpose of the revelation is to bring man into a loving relationship with God. B. The necessity of the revelation. 1. The revelation of ... read more

Genesis 1:26
      THE IMAGE OF GOD I. WHAT IS MEANT BY THE IMAGE OF GOD? A. I do not believe that it means a physical image. 1. Though the Bible refers to the eyes of the Lord, and His ears. It talks of the hand of the Lor ... read more

Genesis 22
      "JEHOVAH WILL SEE IT: THE LORD WILL BE SEEN" JEHOVAH JIREH. I. PROVISION IN HOUR OF EXTREMITY. A. "Abraham rejoiced to see my day; and he saw it and was glad." When he saw the substitute for Issac. II. PROVISION SPONTANEOUSLY ... read more

Genesis 22:1
      "FELLOWSHIP OF SUFFERING" Intro: God created man for fellowship. He desires fellowship with you. The story of Abraham is a man being drawn into full fellowship with God. "Friend of God." We haven't cried together. I. THIS IS THE SEVE ... read more

Genesis 22:16
      "THE NEARNESS OF GOD UNRECOGNIZED" Intro: A long journey, a hard pillow, an uneasy conscience, a heavy heart, these are the things that make men dream. I. MAN'S UNCONSCIOUSNESS OF THE NEARNESS OF GOD. A. God is omnipresent. ... read more

Genesis 22:2
      I. Isaac was the most prized possession of His Father. "Thy Son, thine only Son Isaac, whom thou lovest." A. God had promised to Abraham that He would give to him a son, and that through his seed all of the nations of the earth wo ... read more

Genesis 28:10
      "THE PRESENCE OF GOD" Intro: A hard trip, a guilty conscious, an uncomfortable bed, these are ingredients that make for dreams. I. THE DREAM. A. God many times spoke through dreams. 1. Pharaoh. 2. ... read more

Genesis 28:16
      "THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF GOD" Intro: The omni-presence of God is a part of Christian theology. Though we believe it, we so often fail to recognize it. I. "SURELY THE LORD IS IN THIS PLACE." A. Jacob was fleeing for his life. ... read more

Genesis 32:22
      "VICTORY OUT OF DEFEAT" Intro: Difficult story on surface. God deliberately crippling a man. I. THE DEFEAT OF JACOB. A. A man of complete self reliance and resourcefulness. 1. He never faced a problem he could not solve. ... read more

Genesis 32:24
      "WHEN GOD CRIPPLES" Intro: This is the story of God touching a man to cripple him, in order that through the crippling he might crown him. I. THE STORY FROM THE HUMAN SIDE. A. Jacob is coming home. 1. God has fulfil ... read more

Genesis 32:6
      "PRAYER" I. "MOTIVATIONS TO PRAY." "WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO MOTIVATE?" A. Some motivated by desperation. 1. These were troubling days for Jacob. a. Laban had just departed. b. Es ... read more

Genesis 32:9
      "THE MERCIES OF GOD" Intro: Jacob returning home after 20 years. He had fled from home 20 years earlier because his brother was planning to kill him. We now see him at Jordan, the border of his land praying. I. HIS MOTIVE FOR PRAYER. ... read more

Genesis 35:1
      "BACK TO BETHEL" Intro: The Call of Gad for Jacob to return to Bethel is much like the call of Christ to the church of Ephesus to return to its first love. I. IT IS AT BETHEL GOD FIRST REVEALED HIMSELF TO JACOB. A. A God of mercy an ... read more

Genesis 37:23
      "THE PITS" I. JOSEPH'S EXPERIENCE. A. Sent by his father to check welfare of his brothers. 1. His brothers were jealous and bitter. a. Jealous because of long-sleeved coat and dream. ... read more

Genesis 39:2
      "THE LORD WAS WITH JOSEPH" Intro: Scripture often sums up a man's life in a few words. "Abraham believed God." Saul, "Behold I have played the fool." Moses was very meek. I. EVIDENCES OF THE LORD BEING WITH HIM. A. At home growing u ... read more

Genesis 3:1
      "TEMPTED TO SIN" I. THE TEMPTER. A. Satan revealed in scripture as. 1. Deceiver (angel of light). 2. Opposer of God. 3. Liar "liar from the beginning..." 4. The true enemy of ... read more

Genesis 3:9
      "WHERE ART THOU?" Intro: Genesis means "beginning." Beginning of physical universe, beginning of life forms, beginning of man. I. MAN, A SPECIAL CREATION. A. Rest of creation spoken into existence. 1. God formed ma ... read more

Genesis 42:36
      "ALL THINGS ARE AGAINST ME" Intro: Jacob's sons have just returned from Egypt with report of rough treatment. Accused of being spies, brother Simeon being held as hostage. Benjamin must go with them on next trip to verify their story. ... read more

Genesis 45:5
      "GOD'S OVERRULING PROVIDENCE" I. LOOKING FROM THE DIVINE SIDE. A. The World is in rebellion and lost. 1. Their concepts of God are wild, confused and wrong. 2. Man's sin has alienated him from the life of God. ... read more

Genesis 49:22
      "THE SECRET OF STRENGTH" Intro: Jacob's children summoned to his death bed where he prophesies over them. I. "JOSEPH IS A FRUITFUL BOUGHT." A. What a beautiful picture of a man's life. 1. A branch loaded with fruit. ... read more

Genesis 4:1
      "BUILDING TOWERS TO HEAVEN" I. THIS WAS THE BEGINNING OF MAN'S FALSE RELIGIOUS SYSTEMS. A. All religious systems have a base, man's attempt to reach heaven. 1. There is a universal awareness of God. 2. Univers ... read more

Genesis 6:1
      "AS THE DAYS OF NOAH WERE" Intro: Jesus walking through Temple precincts with disciples. Not one stone left standing. "What will be the sign of these things and thy coming . . ." I. POPULATION EXPLOSION "MEN BEGAN TO MULTIPLY UPON THE FACE O ... read more

Genesis 6:3
      "STRIVING WITH GOD" "MY SPIRIT...""HEREIN IS A BLESSING AND A CURSE" I. HOW DOES GOD'S SPIRIT STRIVE WITH MAN? A. He seeks to reason with us about sin. 1. "Come now, let us reason together..." 2. He reveals t ... read more

Habakkuk 1:2
      When God is Silent I. The silence of God is one of the most difficult things that the believer has to contend with. A. When you pray and it seems that God is not hearing. 1. O Lord how long shall I cry and you will not hea ... read more

Habakkuk 2:1
      "THE PLACE OF VICTORY" I. THE PERPLEXING PROBLEM. A. It seemed as though everything was going wrong. 1. Evil was triumphing over good. 2. The judicial system had broken down. a. The co ... read more

Habakkuk 3:17
      "DANCING FAITH" I. THE BLEAK SCENE. A. Fig tree not blossom, no fruit on vines. 1. In an age when no canning or refrigeration. 2. Dried fruit was an important part of winter food. a. F ... read more

Haggai 2:6
       The Desire of All Nations Intro. If you have lived in California for any length of time, you have experienced the sensation of the earth swaying and snapping as the result of an earthquake. The scientists are constantly ... read more

Hosea 10:1
      The Divided Heart I. What was meant by a divided heart? A. Israel was still acknowledging God, but they were worshipping Baal. 1. If they were polled it would have shown that 95% of them believ ... read more

Hosea 10:12
      "TIME TO SEEK THE LORD" Intro: The nation of Israel is facing a severe crisis. They have forsaken God. They forgot that it was God who had made them great. God's remedy for the sick nation. I. "SOW TO YOURSELVES IN RIGHTEOUSNESS." ... read more

Hosea 12:10
      "I HAVE SPOKEN" Intro: The marvel that God, the infinite creator, would speak to finite man. God wants to speak with you. I. THE PURPOSE OF GOD SPEAKING TO MAN: A. To reveal Himself to man. 1. Man innately knows th ... read more

Hosea 12:2
      Intro: Jacob was a twin, his brother came forth from the womb first, but Jacob was close behind his hand holding his brother's heel. Hence his name. I. UNLIKELY CANDIDATE FOR TITLE "POWER WITH GOD" A. He had taken advantage of ... read more

Hosea 12:3
       "PREVAILING WITH GOD" Intro: Story of interest: basic things of soul . . . a man wanting to get alone with God & God accommodating Him by becoming a man in order to meet him on his level. Theophanies I. THE SENSE OF HIS NEED. ... read more

Hosea 13:9
      "GOD OUR HELP" I. "O ISRAEL, THOU HAST DESTROYED THYSELF." A. How did Israel destroy herself? 1. By turning away from God. a. First commandment of the law, vs. 2, 4. b. So easy ... read more

Hosea 2:8
      "MISUSED GIFTS" I. FAILURE TO RECOGNIZE THE SOURCE OF OUR BLESSINGS. A. We need to remember, "Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above." 1. "Don't tell me that God gave me this success. I worked ... read more

Hosea 4:1
       God's Controversy I. Who was the controversy with? The children of Israel. A. It was with His own people. 1. Being the people of God has great advantages. You have special privileges. ... read more

Hosea 8:7
      "REAPING THE WHIRLWIND" Intro: The northern kingdom of Israel is declining rapidly, it will soon fall to Assyria. The whirlwind of destruction will carry them away. I. "THEY HAVE SOWN THE WIND." A. Transgressed my covenant. ... read more

I Chronicles 12:8
      "DAVID'S MEN" I. DAVID IS AN INTERESTING TYPE OF CHRIST. A. The kingdom was given to Him by God. 1. The prophet Samuel had anointed him king over Israel. 2. He was God's choice. 3. Saul sought ... read more

I Chronicles 16:31
      "THE LORD REIGNETH" I. EVIDENCES OF HIS REIGN. A. In the Universe - "Let the heavens be glad." 1. The stars in their perfect orbits. 2. The sun as the heat and energy source. a. Earth ... read more

I Chronicles 17
      "TOO MUCH" Intro: David sitting in his house expressed to Nathan the prophet his desire to build God a house. Nathan encouraged him to do what was in his heart. I. GOD'S MESSAGE TO DAVID. A. Great disappointment - "you are ... read more

I Chronicles 28:9
      "SERVING GOD" I. "KNOW THE GOD OF THY FATHER." A. The need of knowing God. 1. To serve God you must know Him. 2. To love God you must know Him. a. The more you know Him the more you lo ... read more

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