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Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith (1927 - 2013)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker Chuck Smith in text and pdf format. Pastor Chuck was used in the Jesus People revival where he was used along with others to minister to the hippy young people. They saw a work of the Spirit where many were added to the church and discipled. He has raised up many pastors who are a part of the Calvary Chapel movement now and where he pastors the large Costa Mesa church in California.

The Calvary Chapel movement is based of simple principles that Chuck Smith taught over the years such as: The priority of agape love, Simple fellowship amongst the saints, the breaking of bread, the teaching of God's word chapter by chapter and verse by verse. And lastly and most importantly the principle not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord.

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Matthew 7:6
      I. THE CONTEXT. A. Immediate is "Judge not." 1. Danger of not using any discrimination. a. Accept anybody or anything. b. So fearful not to judge, don't use good sense. ... read more

Matthew 7:7
      I. HOW GOD GIVES. A. "Call unto me." B. "Ask and it shall be given." 1. People accustom to thinking our asking is the thing that influences God's giving. C. How man gives. 1. ... read more

Matthew 8:16
       The Purpose of His Coming To Give Beauty for Ashes Intro. We have once again come to that time of the year when we celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ into the world. The season of the year that is marked by love, joy, and givin ... read more

Matthew 8:9
      "THE SOVEREIGNTY OF CHRIST" Intro: Seven Centurions. 1. One in passage of text. 2. One at cross. 3. Cornelius. 4. One placing bonds on, Paul & when he objects seeking advice of superior. 5. Two protecting Pa ... read more

Matthew 9:35
      I. LABORERS ARE FEW. A. God's work always suffered for lack of laborers. 1. Two conditions. a. None at all. b. Too few. 2. Isaiah 59:16 "He saw that there was no ... read more

Micah 2:7
      Is The Spirit of The Lord Straitened? Intro. "O thou who are named the house of Jacob." There is a bit of irony in his address to them. You have the name, but you are not playing the game. There father Jacob had a genuine faith and a true relationship ... read more

Micah 5:1
      I. They shall smite the Judge of Israel with a rod upon the cheek. A. Micah is probably best known for his prophesy of the birthplace of Jesus for this comes into prominent play in the New Testament when the wise men came ... read more

Micah 5:4
      He Shall Be Great I. Beginning in chapter 4 Micah is prophesying of the last days and the kingdom of God being established upon the earth, with Jerusalem becoming the headquarters of the King who will judge over the nations. A. In chap ... read more

Micah 6:8
      The Requirements of God I. The ideal requirement of God. A. In Deut.10:12 DEU 10:12 And now, Israel, what doth the LORD thy God require of thee, but to fear the LORD thy God, to walk in all his ways, and to ... read more

Micah 7:18
      Who Is A God Like Thee Intro. The previous chapter began with the controversy God had with Israel. God asked them to prefer their charges against Him, what had He done that they should so turn against Him. He had showe ... read more

Nahum 1:7
      "THE LORD IS GOOD" I. "THE LORD IS GOOD," THIS IS BASIC. A. This is sometimes easy to say. 1. Everything is going well. a. The family is all healthy. b. I've just received a pa ... read more

Nehemiah 2:7
      Intro: "And the King granted me according to the good hand of my God upon me." The recognition of God in all things. I. THE COMMANDMENT TO RESTORE AND TO REBUILD. A. Nehemiah received word of deplorable condition of city, demoralize ... read more

Nehemiah 4
      "SATAN'S DEVICES" Intro: Under the guidance & inspiration of Nehemiah they set upon the task of rebuilding the wall. As it really began to take shape, apparent they were sincere, opposition began to take shape. Any work you attempt for God ... read more

Nehemiah 4:14
      "THE CURE FOR FEAR" Intro: The word fear again illustrates the incompleteness of the English language. There is a fear that is good, we are told to fear the Lord, there is that wise precaution, there is a fear that is evil. I. "BE N ... read more

Nehemiah 4:9
      "PRAYER" Intro: Nehemiah has returned to Jerusalem from Babylon. After a secret midnight sortic examining the ruble which was once a wall he announced his plan to rebuild the wall. This brought immediate repercussions from the Palesti ... read more

Nehemiah 6:9
       "THE BELIEVER'S STRENGTH" I. THE SOURCE FOR OUR STRENGTH, GOD. A. Jesus said, "apart from Me ye can do nothing." 1. Paul said, "I can do all things through . . ." B. If I learn to rely on my own strength there will ... read more

Nehemiah 8:6
      "THE SOURCE OF STRENGTH" Intro: Year 445 B .C. King Artaxerxes gave command to Neh. to restore & rebuild the wall. In spite of opposition task was completed in 52 days on Sept. 25. 5 days later on Oct 5 whole congregation gathered be ... read more

Nehemiah 8:9
      "THE JOY OF THE LORD" Intro: Ezra stood before the watergate in Jerusalem the people all gathered to hear him read the law of the LORD from daybreak to noon. As the scriptures were explained they wept. vs.10. I. THERE IS JOY IN THE ... read more

Nehemiah 9
      Nehemiah 9 What does this chapter tell us about God. What we know from chapter 8. As the result of the reading of the word there was a spiritual revival, the celebration again of the feast of the tabernacles. The making of the little booths, an ... read more

Numbers 11:4
      "THE MIXED MULTITUDE" Intro: When children of Israel left Egypt, there came with them a mixed multitude. Part Jew, part Egyptian, came along for the adventure, hearts not fully in it. I. THE MIXED MULTITUDE "FELL A LUSTING." A. No l ... read more

Numbers 13:14
      "THE TRAGEDY OF KADESH BARNEA" Intro: The history of Israel is typical history. Children of Israel under heavy bondage in Egypt. Led out through Red Sea, Marah - Elim, Sinai Now to border of promised land Kadesh Barnea. I. THE LAND O ... read more

Numbers 13:26
      Intro: Life divided into three planes: Natural man, Carnal man, Spiritual man. History: God promised land to Abraham. I. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF CANAAN. A. Fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham. 1. 500 years later Abraham's ... read more

Numbers 14:22
      "UNBELIEF THE THIEF" Intro: The children of Israel suffered intolerable bondage in Egypt. God promised to give them their own land, to set them free in a good land. They are now on the border of that land. the spies have just returned. ... read more

Numbers 21:5
      "THE BRASS SERPENT" Intro: Complaining is a state of mind. It becomes a difficult habit to break. I. THE SIN OF ISRAEL. COMPLAINING (verse 5.. A. True they had something to complain about. 1. Manna had been their main stapl ... read more

Numbers 23:10
       "THE DEATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS" Intro: Balaam an interesting person, a study in contrasts. Mentioned by three new testament writers, II Peter, the way of Balaam; Jude, the error of Balaam; John in Revelation, the doctrine of Balaam. ... read more

Numbers 27:12
      "GOD'S REPRESENTATIVE" Intro: Moses calling, Moses privilege. I. MOSES BECAME GOD'S REPRESENTATIVE. A. The people feared direct contact with God. B. God spoke to the people through Moses. 1. Oft repeated phrase "A ... read more

Numbers 32:23
      "BE SURE YOUR SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT" Arctic Explorers. I. YOUR SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT. A. In your face. 1. Lines of sin. 2. Street corner of boys. B. In your conscience. 1. Treasuri ... read more

Numbers 32:5
      "LESS THAN BEST" Intro: The Children of Israel now ready to enter the land God had promised them. The tribes of Reuben, Gad and 1/2 of Manassah requested inheritance outside the land; they had become content where they were dwelling. ... read more

Numbers 35:11
      "THE PLACE OF REFUGE" I. THE CITIES OF REFUGE. A. Six cities throughout the land, three on either side of Jordon. 1. Located so as to give access to all. a. It is said that you were never more than a ... read more

Numbers 6:23
      "THE LORD BLESS YOU" Intro: The duty of the priest was twofold. To represent the people before God. To represent God before the people. I. "THEY SHALL PUT MY NAME UPON THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL." A. Not His Name of essential being. "I ... read more

Numbers 6:24
      "THE LORD BLESS YOU" I. THE TWO FOLD FUNCTION OF THE PRIEST. A. To stand before God representing the people. 1. Sinful man could not approach a holy God. a. He would bring his sacrifice offering to the ... read more

Proverbs 13:7
      "THE POOR RICH MAN" I. MANY FALLACIES CONCERNING RICHES. "DECEITFULNESS OF RICHES." A. "Being rich would solve all my problems." 1. Rich people have problems too. a. Different kind of problems to be su ... read more

Proverbs 18:10
      "THE NAME OF JESUS" Intro: Life is filled with pressures. There are forces that assault us. Sooner or later we are forced to reach out beyond ourselves. I. SOME OF THESE FORCES THAT FACE US. A. The Spirit forces; "We wrestle not aga ... read more

Proverbs 1:7
      Discourse on wisdom Chap. 1-9. How many wish they might begin again. Reality no beginning. How to begin. I. VS. 7. "FEAR OF THE LORD BEGINNING OF KNOWLEDGE." A. Heb. word beginning here. Prime or first. 1. All true knowledge ... read more

Proverbs 22:13
      Intro: "There is a lion without, I shall be slain in the streets." I. THE LAZY MAN'S REASON FOR NOT WORKING. A. A lion in the way. B. "A man good at making excuses is good for nothing else." C. In the winter, "it's too cold. ... read more

Proverbs 22:20
      Intro: A lazy ma's reason for not winning lost "Lion in the way." "Man good at making excuses good for nothing else." Lion in winter is cold in summer heat, hill or valley. I. FEW START WITH HIGH AMBITIONS IN CHRIST. A. Lik ... read more

Proverbs 29:1
      "NO REMEDY" I. WITHOUT REMEDY A. Leprosy dreaded (No remedy). B. World situation critical (No remedy). C. Any disease lessened when remedy is found. D. Any disease is more severe when no remedy is known. II. HE TH ... read more

Proverbs 29:25
      "TRUSTING IN THE LORD" Intro: Our actions greatly governed by peer pressure. We often do things we really don't want to do, or we fail to do what we really want. I. THE FEAR OF MAN BRINGETH A SNARE. A. It leads us to sin. ... read more

Proverbs 30:24
      "FOUR LITTLE WISE CREATURES" I. THE ANT. A. A people not strong. 1. Called people because they live in colonies. 2. Each ant fulfilling his own responsibility within the community. ... read more

Proverbs 31:30
      "THE TRUE BEAUTY" I. "SHE SHALL BE PRAISED." A. Every woman desires praise. 1. She constantly seeks her husband's approval. a. "Her desire shall be to her husband." b. How do I ... read more

Proverbs 3:4
      "KNOWING GOD'S WILL" I. DESIRE OF ALL THOSE WHO TRULY KNOW GOD. A. Very aware of my own limitations. 1. I have been wrong so many times. a. I have been deceived, cheated, defrauded, even by those I tho ... read more

Proverbs 3:5
      "HE SHALL DIRECT THY PATH." So many times we desire some type of gift to peer into the future so as to prepare for those things that are going to happen. We desire guidance to make the right choice. Think of the promise. I. "HE SHALL DIRECT THY PA ... read more

Proverbs 4:23
      Intro: The Bible says much about the heart. The throne room of the spirit, the Holy of Holies of the body temple. It is the reservoir from which flows the issues of life. I. "KEEP YOUR HEART WITH ALL DILIGENCE." A. Keep your h ... read more

Proverbs 9:10
       "THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM" Intro: In 1:6, we are told "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Different Hebrew words translated beginning in one-six word means sum total. Here, the Hebrew word means primary or comm ... read more

Psalms 1
      "GOD'S BLESSED MAN" I. DESCRIBED. A. Negative. 1. "Walks not in counsel of ungodly." a. Counsel & advice plentiful. b. The worldly maxims. 1. " ... read more

Psalms 100
      "THANKSGIVING" I. AN UNTHANKFUL PERSON. A. Miserable to be around. 1. Constant complaint. 2. Nothing ever suits them. 3. Telling favorite food at table. B. Condemned by God. ... read more

Psalms 102:13
      "GOD'S APPOINTED TIMES" I. GOD HAS SET A TIME TO RESTORE ISRAEL VS. 13. A. Moses spoke of it in Deut. 1. Deut. 28:34 promise to scatter. 2. Deut. 30:3, 4 promise to restore. B. Ezekiel's vision of val ... read more

Psalms 102:16
      I. ZION WAS TO BECOME DESOLATE. A. God said that he would scatter them among all nations. 1. They were to be a curse and a byword. 2. They were to be persecuted & tortured. B. The former & the latter rai ... read more

Psalms 103
      I. REASONS FOR PRAISE (PERSONAL). A. "Who forgiveth all thine iniquities." 1. This is my first and foremost need. 2. O the blessedness of sins forgiven. B. "Who healeth all thy diseases." ... read more

Psalms 103:1
      "ALL HIS BENEFITS" I. "FORGET NOT ALL HIS BENEFITS." A. We have a tendency toward forgetfulness. 1. Especially in the midst of a trial. 2. The disciples on the ship forgot bread. 3. When facin ... read more

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