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Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith (1927 - 2013)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker Chuck Smith in text and pdf format. Pastor Chuck was used in the Jesus People revival where he was used along with others to minister to the hippy young people. They saw a work of the Spirit where many were added to the church and discipled. He has raised up many pastors who are a part of the Calvary Chapel movement now and where he pastors the large Costa Mesa church in California.

The Calvary Chapel movement is based of simple principles that Chuck Smith taught over the years such as: The priority of agape love, Simple fellowship amongst the saints, the breaking of bread, the teaching of God's word chapter by chapter and verse by verse. And lastly and most importantly the principle not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord.

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Matthew 24:37
      The Days of Noah I. The whole context is the signs that Jesus is giving to His disciples of His coming and the end of the world. A. I think that we all have an awareness that things cannot continue in the downward spiral that w ... read more

Matthew 24:4
      "The Signs of His Coming" Intro: Jesus promised His disciples, "if I go, I will come again..." The second coming of Jesus Christ is essential for the fulfillment of Bible prophesy. He shall return to the earth again with His Church to establish God ... read more

Matthew 24:44
      "THE END OF THE WORLD" Intro: "The end of the world is near." We used to associate this warning with sandwich boards. Now it is being said by men with PhD's who have majored in Ecology. By men who are considered military experts, and by diplomats a ... read more

Matthew 25:10
      "AND THEY THAT WERE READY" I. AND THEY THAT WERE READY WENT IN. A. Little boy from Pasadena. B. You will soon take trip from time to eternity. 1. Many have made no preparation. a. Making trip ... read more

Matthew 25:13
      A SOLEMN WARNING I. THE LIKENESS OF THESE MEN. A. All servants. B. Same master. C. All given a portion. 1. To one, five. 2. To one, two. 3. To one, one. II. DIFFERENCE IN ... read more

Matthew 25:14
      The Day of Accounting Intro. This is another in a series of parables that have to do with the time of the return of the Master. Up till now the emphasis has been the importance of watching and being ready, for His coming ... read more

Matthew 26:22
      I. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE QUESTION. A. Your immediate future depends on it. 1. Whether you give your life to slavery in sin. a. Herold Lewis. b. Dissipate your energies seeking ple ... read more

Matthew 26:36
      "WHAT COULD YOU NOT WATCH WITH ME ONE HOUR" I. CHRIST HOUR OF CRISIS. A. Many criticize Peter and disciples for failure to watch with Christ. 1. For deserting Him in this hour of crisis. B. We judge Peter ... read more

Matthew 26:69
       The Road to Denial Intro. We have all with Peter experienced the bitter taste of the tears from personal failure. There were things that I swore I would never be guilty of doing but yet I did it. How could I have ever let My Lor ... read more

Matthew 26:74
      "BITTER DEFEAT" I. PETER'S TASTE OF DEFEAT. A. Jesus had told disciples that they would all be offended because of Him. B. Peter responded with a declaration of unfailing commitment. 1. "Though all might b ... read more

Matthew 27:15
      I. MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS IN LIFE. A. Personal Question. 1. Everyone must answer it. 2. No one can evade it. 3. Choose yet this day whom. B. It is important because. 1 ... read more

Matthew 27:24
      Jesus or Barabbas Intro. It is hard to go against what your heart is telling you is right. Not only did Pilate know that Jesus was innocent and that justice demanded that the innocent man go free. He had been warned by ... read more

Matthew 27:27
      THE THORN CROWNED KING (Where the thorns came from. I. VIEWING WITH ADVANTAGE OF EXPERIENCE. A. They thought they understood all that was happening. B. We know we don't. II. WHEN THEY HAD CRUCIFIED HIM. A. Who crucified ... read more

Matthew 27:35
      "AND THEY CRUCIFIED HIM" I. WHAT KIND OF PERSON WOULD WANT TO CRUCIFY CHRIST? A. Cruel, vicious, MONSTER. 1. Kill a innocent man. a. More than innocent. Neg. trait. b. He was g ... read more

Matthew 27:45
      "FORSAKEN BY GOD" Intro: This is the worst fate man could ever experience. To be forever forsaken by God is hell. I. WHY WAS HE FORSAKEN BY GOD? A. Isa. 53:6 ... "and the Lord laid on Him..." 1. Jesus Christ bore the sins ... read more

Matthew 27:51
      "TRULY THIS WAS THE SON OF GOD" I. PROPHESY PROVES IT. A. Law of compound probabilities. 1. 20 stipulations 1,045,576 2. 21 prophesies concerning Christ birth. 3. Over 300 in His lifetime. ... read more

Matthew 27:54
      "TRULY THIS WAS THE SON OF GOD" I. HIS MIRACULOUS BIRTH. A. Angels announcement to Mary, a virgin. B. Birth in Bethlehem. 1. Fulfilling Micah's prophesy. 2. Angels announcement to shepherds. II. HI ... read more

Matthew 27:62
      "MAKE IT AS SURE AS YOU CAN." I. WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO SEAL JESUS IN THE TOMB. A. He was a threat to their life style. 1. They were ruling over the people. 2. They maintained their authority by keeping the p ... read more

Matthew 28:18
      Sufficient Power I. "All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth." A. How much power do you suppose that is? 1. Look around at the vast universe, it speaks to us of the glory or the power of God. ... read more

Matthew 3:8
       Proof of Repentance I. The first word of God to man after 400 years of silence. Repent. A. Vs. 2 John came preaching in the wilderness saying, "Repent" B. What does it mean to repent? 1. One definition is to have a c ... read more

Matthew 4:1
      I. TIME OF TEMPTATION. A. After baptism in water. B. After infiIIing of spirit. C. After 40 days fasting. 1. Never immune to Satan's attacks. II. NATURE OF TEMPTATION. A. Lust of flesh. ... read more

Matthew 5
      "SPIRITUAL THIRST" Intro: 1st 3 beatitudes showed to us our need. 4th brings us the answer. Unless you hunger and thirst you will never be filled. First conscious of need. I. TEST OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE. A. Deals with two most common objec ... read more

Matthew 5:1
      "SERMON ON THE MOUNT" I. WHY A STUDY IN SERMON ON THE MOUNT? A. Most obvious feature of church today is its superficiality. 1. Compared with Acts. 2. Compared with other eras and epochs. 3. Wh ... read more

Matthew 5:10
      Not so much description as what is likely to result because the Christian is what we have seen him to be. Follows peacemaker, it is because he is a peacemaker, he is persecuted. Same promise as first started and finished with kingdom of heaven. ... read more

Matthew 5:11
      I. NOT BLESSED ARE THE PERSECUTED BECAUSE THEY ARE OVER ZEALOUS. A. Some in worship think they must say amen - hallelujah. II. WHAT ISA CHRISTIAN? A. Unlike anyone else. B. Life controlled and dominated by Jesus Christ, "For ... read more

Matthew 5:13
      "THE SALT OF THE EARTH" Intro: Jesus has just declared the characteristics of the true believer, and how he will be accepted by this world, then speaking of the believer in the world. He said, "Ye are the salt of the earth," and again, ... read more

Matthew 5:14
      "YE ARE THE LlGHT OF THE WORLD" Intro: Strange statement in view of men to whom spoken. "Ye" refers to Christians. I. NEGATIVE INFERENCE, "YE AND YE ALONE." A. The world is in a state of darkness. 1. This is always basic Ch ... read more

Matthew 5:17
      "LAW AND PROPHETS" Intro: Some views toward Old Testament. I. CHRIST RELATIONSHIP TO LAW AND PROPHETS. A. Prophets and prophesies. "He came to fulfill." 1. 300 prophetic details of His Life completely and literally fulfille ... read more

Matthew 5:20
      "RIGHTEOUSNESS THAT EXCEEDS..." Intro: Effect of these words on hearers. I. WHO WERE THE SCRIBES AND PHARISEES? A. Scribes were men who read and interpreted the scripture to the people. 1. Ezra was a scribe. B. Pha ... read more

Matthew 5:21
      Description of Christian (Beatitudes). Function and purpose. Relationships to the Law. He proceeds to give true meaning of law as opposed to tradition. "Ye have heard how it was said:' "But I say." How the people were taught the law by scribe ... read more

Matthew 5:27
      "THE EXCEEDING SINFULNESS OF SIN" Intro: Reduced command to actual physical act itself. They never understood the 10 commandments, isolated injunctions. I. CHRIST TEACHING ON THE NATURE OF SIN. A. Doctrine of sin not popular today. ... read more

Matthew 5:29
      "MORTIFICATION" I. WHAT IS MEANT BY "AND IF THY RIGHT EYE OFFEND." A. Many thing. 1. Lord teaching sin matter of heart. 2. Objectors say as long as we have eyes led to sin. a. Christ a ... read more

Matthew 5:3
      "BLESSED ARE THE POOR IN SPIRIT" I. THE LOGICAL ORDER OF THE BEATITUDES. A. This of necessity first. 1. No one in the kingdom of heaven who is not "poor in..." 2. This is an emptying whereas others a fullness. ... read more

Matthew 5:31
      "JESUS AND DIVORCE" Intro: Value of systematic study. Background of text - 6 statements, "Ye have heart, but I..." Not comparing law of Moses with His teaching, but Pharisees interpretation with His teaching. I. WHAT DID THE LAW OF ... read more

Matthew 5:33
      "TAKING OATHS" Intro: Is it profitable for us in this modern world with its vast problems to be concerned with our speech? To Christian everything is important because of what he is. Various details of life laid down in epistles. Eph., ... read more

Matthew 5:38
      "THE CHEEK, THE CLOAK & THE 2ND MILE" Intro: Importance of Spirit to help understand passage such as this. Great principle, "Die to self." This illustrates how. I. "TURNING THE CHEEK? A. We must rid ourselves of spirit of retaliatio ... read more

Matthew 5:4
      "BLESSED ARE THEY THAT MOURN" Intro: When you think that blessed means "happy" this seems like complete contradiction. I. CONTRAST BETWEEN CHRISTIAN AND NON-CHRISTIAN. A. How unlike the things the world admires. 1. "Poor i ... read more

Matthew 5:43
      "AGAPE YOUR ENEMIES" I. PHARISEE'S TEACHING "LOVE NEIGHBOR, HATE ENEMIES." A. Where in O.T. Law was basis? 1. Truly law taught to love neighbor - no command to hate. 2. The idea of hate your enemies, from God' ... read more

Matthew 5:46
      "WHAT DO YE MORE THAT OTHERS?" Intro: Most searching and challenging scriptures. Impossible to just put injunction, "Be ye perfect into practice." I. FIRST INTIMATION, A CHRISTIAN DOES MORE THAN A PERSON WHO IS NOT A CHRISTIAN. A. S ... read more

Matthew 5:5
      Contrast to world - World conquerors. Jews looking for Messiah to conquer Rome. Progressive Beatitudes. Poor in Spirit. Mourning. Blessed are the meek. See ourselves. Berate us. Instinctively resent. Meek ... read more

Matthew 5:6
      "HUNGER AND THIRST" I. HARD FOR US TO UNDERSTAND INTENSITY. A. Average person lived on border of starvation. 1. Wages extremely low. 2. Ate meat only once a week. B. Land there very arid. ... read more

Matthew 5:7
      "BLESSED ARE THE MERCIFUL" I. FURTHER STAGE IN DESCRIPTION OF CHRISTIAN. Prior straits needs. Now look at disposition. Results from prior. Blessed are the merciful. Searching statement. This is what Christian should be ... read more

Matthew 5:8
      "BLESSED ARE THE PURE IN HEART" "ESSENCE OF CHRISTIANITY" I. WHY IS THIS PLACED HERE IN ORDER? A. You would expect this at the front, very first. 1. To see God is purpose of all religions. B. Verse 6 central verse of ... read more

Matthew 6:31
      "FIRST THINGS FIRST" Intro: Very important to have right priorities. What things are first in your life? What are your main concerns? How did you spend this last week? I. "TAKE NO "ANXIOUS" THOUGHT" DON'T WORRY. A. Our worries are i ... read more

Matthew 6:34
       I. THIS VERSE CONCLUSION TO THIS SECTION OF SERMON. "THE PROBLEM OF OUR RELATIONSHIP TO THE THINGS IN THIS WORLD." A. Everyone faced with this problem, rich and poor. 1. Rich in danger of laying up worldly treasures. ... read more

Matthew 7:1
      Intro: Difficult passage must be studied in its context, general and specific. Sermon on the Mount. Describes Christian attitude of world toward him. What influence he exerts in world. Relationship to law of God. His relationship to God, h ... read more

Matthew 7:12
      "THE GOLDEN RULE" I. "THEREFORE." A. It forces us to immediately consider the context. 1. Our prayer for grace. a. Realizing our shortcomings, "Ask." b. I desire people to unde ... read more

Matthew 7:15
      "FALSE PROPHETS" I. "SHEEP'S CLOTHING," THE DIFFICULTY OF DETECTING. A. They do not wear signs. 1. Most of the things they say are true. 2. They may speak all truth. a. Never the whole ... read more

Matthew 7:21
      "SELF -DECEPTION" Intro: Christ to Nicodemus, "We know that thou art a teacher come from God." "Many" in churches and world today. I. CHRIST TALKING TO THOSE WHO WERE ORTHODOX. A. Said right things, "Lord, Lord." B. Doing ... read more

Matthew 7:24
      "ROCK OR SAND" I. BUILDING ON SAND. A. Much of this today. 1. Especially in social gospel. a. Those who deny scriptures. b. Those who deny deity of Christ. 2. ... read more

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